Abdullah Al-Nafisi: A Gulf state with Zionist advice decided to spread terror in the Gulf | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Kuwaiti thinker, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafisi, attacked an unnamed Gulf international because of its reckless policies that pushed it into the Zionist embrace.

Al-Nafisi said, in a tweet that was monitored by “Watan”: “Because of its reckless policies, a Gulf state is living in a state of Gulf and Arab isolation that has pushed it further into the Zionist embrace.”

Kuwaiti thinker Abdullah Al-Nafisi added: “I decided – with Zionist advice – to spread terror in the Arabian Gulf. It is the bitterness of solitude. And the Labib by pointing understands.”

Tweeters criticize the UAE and interact with Abdullah Al-Nafisi’s tweet

The pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the Kuwaiti thinker’s tweet, considering that the UAE had offended the Arab Gulf and the Arab nation with its normalization agreements with Israel

Rakan said: “If Sheikh Zayed returned, may God have mercy on him, he would absolve him of his monkeys who tarnished the reputation of the Emirates.”

Another commented: “Watch out, Doctor. This country in particular does not love you and Raida harm you. may God protect you”.

Ahmed Al-Mutawa said: “All that (the children have grown up) have done in the past years of political confusion and attempt to polish their image externally and the drumming of some who describe themselves as political analysts as having made a wise decision today proved the opposite and that everything they did was in vain because of political adolescence.”

While another said: “It is not strange for the children of Zayed to fall into the bosom of the Zionists. It has been proven that they are real enemies of all the peoples of the region, they participated in the killing of Muslims and in burying the dream of Arab peoples in freedom and justice. We in Syria will not forget that the UAE has been an active participant in killing thousands of young Prime Time Zone and in destroying Syria with the financing of Russian intervention since 2015.

Fahd commented by saying: “She has naturalized 5,000 Israelis with her nationality to enter all the Gulf countries with their Gulf passports” the “Cooperation Council”.

Abbas Zaki attacks Mohammed bin Zayed

Earlier, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, Abbas Zaki, attacked the UAE and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, considering him a traitor to the Arab and Palestinian causes.

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According to a video clip monitored by Watan, Abbas Zaki accused the UAE of naturalizing about seven thousand Israelis following the normalization agreement with the occupation, which was signed last August.

Zaki said: “Ibn Zayed is a traitor, and the UAE must be expelled from the Arab League,” warning against the penetration of the Zionist movement into the Emirates, by committing the “crime” of naturalizing thousands of Israelis.

Zaki addressed the Arab leaders, including the Egyptian president, saying: “If the UAE door is opened to naturalize the Zionists, you will perish, and you will not be able to stop the expansion of the Zionist movement.”

He added: “Either the UAE is prevented from entering Arab countries, or it is expelled from the Arab League.”

Zaki praised the Prime Time Zone of the Emirates, saying: “The Prime Time Zone of the Emirates are free and great, and we do not generalize, because the only traitor is Mohammed bin Zayed.”

Earlier, Israeli media said that about 5,000 Israelis obtained UAE citizenship during the past three months, after amending the laws on granting citizenship in the country.

Emirati sources revealed that they had seen documents indicating a wide turnout from the Israelis under the cover of investment in the Emirates, especially in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The sources highlighted that the UAE authorities allow the acquisition of citizenship for investors and entrepreneurs, without the need to give up their original citizenship.

This constitutes a suitable environment for naturalizing the Israelis and giving them the green light to cross the Gulf and Arab countries without a prior visa, according to the sources.

And last February, the Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, said that the ruling regime in the Emirates targeted the Israelis by amending the laws granting state citizenship.

The newspaper said that obtaining UAE citizenship is “an opportunity for Israelis, not only to work in Abu Dhabi, but to obtain a citizenship that will enable them to visit countries they are prohibited from visiting.”

She pointed out that “from now on, investors with required professions, such as doctors, scientists, artists and thinkers from all over the world, can obtain UAE citizenship.”

She highlighted that whoever wants to obtain UAE citizenship can also retain his original citizenship under the recent amendments.

The UAE decides to ease the requirements for citizenship

The decision of the UAE authorities to ease the conditions for granting citizenship sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites, as activists warned against the use of Emirati citizenship by Israelis to buy real estate in the Gulf region.

The amendments were met with widespread criticism from Emirati opponents and activists, and even from media outlets affiliated with the regime, due to their danger to the demographic structure of the country.

Tweeters highlighted that “naturalization of the children of Emirati women is a demand and a matter of top priority, as they are more deserving and more loyal than others who were offered citizenship on a plate of gold, and they do not even belong to the homeland in any way.

They pointed out that the naturalization processes for foreigners, especially Israelis, are “in secret” extensively in the Emirates, at a time when the original Prime Time Zone of the country are among the displaced, imprisoned and withdrawn.

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