Abdullah Al-Nafisi attacks the Arab regimes (busy) in suppressing their Prime Time Zone (may God ruin your home) A nation is tweeting out of tune


Kuwaiti writer and thinker, Abdullah Al-Nafisi attacked the silent Arab regimes in front of the Israeli aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip, which was continuing for the ninth consecutive day.

Abdullah Al-Nafisi: The Arab system lacks sovereignty

Al-Nafisi said, in a tweet monitored by Watan: (The Arab regime, which lacks sovereignty and legitimacy, is not satisfied with turning into a thief union, but aspires to suppress all Arab peoples from the ocean to the Gulf).

And Abdullah Al-Nafisi added: (From Sydney to Brussels to London to Tel Aviv the voices of protest escalated against the bombing of Gaza and (the Arab regime) is busy bombing the protest, may God destroy your home.)

In another tweet, the Kuwaiti thinker Abdullah Al-Nafisi said: (The Israeli enemy is busy bombing Gaza and (the regime is Arab) is busy bombing the protest against it, what a disgraceful historical complicity that will have a heavy price.)

A broad denunciation of the Arab silence

The pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the tweets of the Kuwaiti thinker, denouncing the Arab silence about what is happening in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories.

One of the activists said, “They gather weapons under the pretext of opposition and resistance, but the truth is that they are gathering weapons to suppress their Prime Time Zone and control the chair.”

He added, “In fact, they are systems to protect the borders of Israel from north to south and from west to east as guard dogs.”

Whereas, the account of “Ibn Omar” said: “Some of the top scholars in Arab countries are busy publishing the morning and evening remembrances.”

Amjad Al-Kubaisi commented by saying: “Regulations are set up on the necks of Prime Time Zone according to certain geographical areas to sustain conditions for the benefit of those who brought them all this story in short.”

Madani Ibrahim said: “He who gave the Zionists a state gave to these rulers and kings their countries, for they form one system that tightens each other.”

Regional outrage

In the context, Arab newspapers commented on the ongoing confrontations in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip against the background of the violence taking place in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the Israeli forces storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Palestinian factions in Gaza bombing Israeli towns with missiles, and Israel bombing targets in Gaza with aircraft.

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A number of writers warned that the region stands on the brink of a regional war in light of the exchange of bombing between Israel and the Palestinian factions in Gaza.

And another number considered that the current intifada revealed to the Arab countries that normalized their relations with Israel that they are delusional and that recent events have exposed peace agreements with Israel to “inevitable death.”

“Popular resistance”

“The resistance factions are adopting a new operational combat plan, the main title being the use of Sejil missiles equipped with explosive warheads,” said Abdel Bari Atwan, the Palestinian writer and journalist.

These missiles have a very high destructive capacity, and a huge density, and are equipped with sophisticated disinformation devices, capable of bypassing iron domes and reaching their targets with extreme accuracy. ”

He believes that “the new scene is still in its beginnings, and the major confrontation may be imminent. We are at the gates of an armed uprising that may last for months, an uprising similar to the second armed uprising.”

He pointed out that there is a fundamental difference is that they are supported by rockets and not by stones and individual weapons only, and it may open the doors for their transportation, that is, rockets, from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

He continued, “Here is the real killing of the Hebrew state and the countdown to its end.”

It is worth noting that the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip has led to the death of more than two hundred Palestinians and the wounding of more than a thousand with varying wounds, while the Israeli bombing has destroyed more than ten thousand homes partially and completely.

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