Abdullah Al-Sadhan provokes the Kuwaitis by attacking their officials and interfering in their affairs … and replies: “Oh stranger, be a polite!” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan sparked anger among Kuwaitis on social media, after he criticized the recent partial curfew imposed by Kuwait.

Abdullah Al-Sadhan documents a “sad view”

And Abdullah documented al-Sadhan, who is currently residing in Kuwait due to artistic connections. The moment of crowding in the streets due to the approaching ban, which caused his annoyance.

The Saudi artist said in the video that he posted through his personal account on the “Instagram” application: “In fact, this scene is sad, because today is the first day of the curfew and the ban, they saw the cars, and they saw Prime Time Zone.”

Al-Sadhan continued: “What does the ban mean from five o’clock? Let Prime Time Zone go out of their hours and return to their homes, or bring their families things instead of crowds. ”

Al-Sadhan suggested that the ban start from seven or half past seven, stressing that this is the demand of many Prime Time Zone.

‘Shameful decision’

Al-Sadhan attached the video to a comment in which he said: “The ban decision, starting from 5 pm, is a shameful decision that is not related to planning and transparency with the citizen at all, praise be to God in any case.”

Abdullah Al-Sadhan was attacked by observers who asked him not to interfere in the affairs of a country that is not his, and they asked him to return to Saudi Arabia if he did not like the situation in Kuwait.

And one of the comments read: “This is a decision concerning the State of Kuwait. We have money that entered into them. You are Saudi, Abdullah, not Kuwaiti. If you are upset by the ban, return to your home, which is a prohibition.”

“Oh stranger, be a polite”

And another wrote: “Oh, weird, Adeeb. What is your right to criticize the decision of a country, which is your country, in this way.”

Another agreed with them and commented: “You are a guest, Abdullah. These matters pertain to the State of Kuwait and its citizens. You have a relationship with it and you have no relationship with government matters. You criticize your Saudi government.”

Al-Sadhan is staying in Kuwait for the second time, after joining the series “Shiloy Nash”, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan.

“We are forbidden to breathe”

Local accounts had previously circulated an audio recording, which it said belonged to the Kuwaiti artist, Hayat Al-Fahd. It is attacking the Kuwaiti government for re-imposing a partial curfew on the country amid high rates of coronavirus infection.

Hayat Al-Fahd recounts the recording attributed to her: “Why the ban from five to five? Are you not in hours? Why a month and not a week? What would it differentiate? ”

And she continued: “With the ban, will not Prime Time Zone gather? They would gather, didn’t you think of the children? There are children who study online and finish at two and a half, and he eats his food at three o’clock, and finishes his homework at four or five o’clock. Does he not have the right to go out afterwards to breathe?

Hayat Al-Fahd also referred to the category of elderly Prime Time Zone who go out to breathe air, and asked: “Are they forbidden to breathe?”

And the artist continued: “There are families who live in apartments with children of three, four and five. You will lock them up from five o’clock to five, do you want them to divorce? How will the youth endure?

We will go to psychiatry

Hayat Al-Fahd suggested that a closure be made, and she said: “We did not object to the closure, all other countries resorted to closure and not to an embargo. You fear us from Corona, and you will bring us to psychiatry. ”

She added, “Look at us with an eye of mercy. Leave the ban from nine o’clock to five, at least there is a time when one breathes, and God has narrowed our morals, and we have reached a stage of despair, please.”

Fajr Al-Saeed enter the line

The Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, said at the time that the recording did not refer to the life of the cheetah. But for another woman who shares her voice.

Fajr Al-Saeed wrote a tweet on Twitter, in which she said: “The voice spread in WhatsApp for a unit is breaking down on the situation and rejecting the ban. The great artist did not voice Hayat the Cheetah. It is true that the voice is similar, but not Susan’s mother.

“Since you started the ban, you have come back to lying, writing stories and distributing rumors,” Fajr Al-Saeed added.

Despite the denial of Fajr Al-Saeed, a number of tweeters confirmed that the voice returns to the life of the cheetah, and they asked the Kuwaiti artist to go out and denied the validity of the recording by herself if it really does not belong to her.

Partial curfew

The Kuwaiti government announced the imposition of a partial curfew, which will start from next Sunday and continue until April 8th.

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) quoted government spokesman Tariq Al-Marzam, as saying. He said that he would apply the partial ban from five in the evening until five in the morning.

After an extraordinary cabinet meeting, Al-Marzam said in a press conference that the Council of Ministers decided to instruct the Minister of Interior to take measures and procedures to impose a curfew in the country.

The government allowed the obligatory prayers to be performed in mosques on foot, and allowed pharmacies, places of selling medical supplies, cooperative societies, and markets to practice their activities through delivery services only, while restaurants and cafes would stop receiving requests during the announced hours of the ban.

The Kuwaiti government has also been tasked with researching an appropriate mechanism to address the potential economic repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

On Sunday, Kuwaiti Health recorded 1,144 new cases, 956 recoveries, and 7 new deaths from the emerging coronavirus, COVID-19.

The total number of cases is 200,572.

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