Abeer Moussa raises controversy by revealing about Najla Boden’s relationship with Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s party (video)


Tunisian MP and Head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, returned to the controversy again by speaking from her party headquarters about the new Prime Minister Najla Boden, who was appointed by Kais Saied recently.

Abeer Moussa claimed that Najla Boden, the Tunisian Prime Minister, was attending the meetings of the dissolved “Tagammu” party, affiliated with the late President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

And Abeer Moussa, who is accused by activists of implementing an Emirati agenda in Tunisia, added, “President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, always talks about the revolution and the revolution. I want to tell him that the Prime Minister, Naglaa Boden, used to come with us to the headquarters of the Constitutional Democratic Rally in the National Thinking Committees, because she is a national competence,” as she put it.

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She added: “The discourse and talk about revolution and revolution, and the completion of the course of December 17 (the date of the Tunisian revolution), has no meaning. Because the ministers are the fruit of the national state, and we know of them names who were with us in the Tagammu Party.”

It is noteworthy that two days ago, Abeer Moussa, announced her intention to file a legal complaint against President Saeed, on charges of covering up and participating in her violence in Parliament.

Tunisian MP and head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abir Moussa

Abeer Moussa addressed Saeed, saying: “Today you are a president, and you have immunity, but make sure that as soon as you leave the presidency, you will find my complaints to the judiciary waiting for you.”

Sharp criticism from Tunisians of Kais Saied’s comic speech

Many Tunisians criticized the overturned Tunisian president, Kais Saied, after his last speech. Monday, coinciding with the announcement of the new Tunisian government headed by Najla Bouden.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Saeed said in his speech: “I took the decision on exceptional measures myself, and between me and my Lord, after I had exhausted all attempts.”

The president who overturned the constitution added: “There are those who portray the situation as a coup, and how it is a coup and what I have taken is based on the constitution.”

He continued, “Foreign funds enter Tunisia every day without a permit, and those who receive them say that they serve the Prime Time Zone.”

“We are fighting a national liberation battle and we will win,” he said.

A few days ago, Saeed commissioned Najla Boden (63 years) to form a new government, while Saeed repeatedly stressed that he would not back down. Regardless of the exceptional measures he took on July 25th.

Which he followed up with another decree on September 22, which made him fully acquire all the powers of the executive and legislative branches.

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Activists expressed their anger at Saeed’s speech and his announcement of the government, stressing that the Boden government is illegitimate, and that Saeed has become an illegitimate president. He treats Tunisia as his “farm of his own”.

“A speech of skepticism, treachery and arrogance”.

They emphasized that his speech was as if he wanted to say: “I am the only patriot in Tunisia and the only one who fears God.”

According to activists, there is no difference between Saeed’s speech and the speech of any other dictator, as he likened himself to “the savior of the country from corruption, poverty and the clutches of predators, and he is waging a national liberation battle, and he denied the existence of prisoners of conscience, as he employed religion in his speech.”

They added that he had become “the upside-down Sisi,” in reference to the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Some also criticized what Saeed said in his speech that one of the reasons for the measures he launched was the chaos in Parliament.

Najla Boden sworn in in front of Kais Saied

Najla Bouden, the Tunisian Prime Minister, and her proposed ministers were sworn in before President Kais Saied, on Monday. In a ceremony broadcast live on state television, about 11 weeks after Saeed took over the authorities in his country and dissolved parliament and the government.

In her first press statement after taking the constitutional oath, Bedoon said that the government will focus primarily on fighting corruption. And restore the confidence of citizens and foreign parties in Tunisia.

Boden said her new government’s program will focus mainly on “restoring confidence in the state and the citizen’s confidence in himself and in government work.” And restoring the confidence of foreign parties in Tunisia,” as well as “fighting corruption that has led to a loss of confidence in any attempt at radical and real reform.” And restoring hope to the citizen for a better future, improving living conditions and opening the field of investment.”

She also indicated that her government will adopt the “principle of monitoring, accountability, selection of competencies best able to manage the state, and speeding up the revitalization of the economic cycle.” Opening space for youth, improving citizens’ living conditions and purchasing power, providing high-quality public services in the field of health and transportation, and ensuring security and property safety. Noting that it will work to open up to all opinions and parties in the country.

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