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The Committee to Combat the Corona Pandemic in Abu Dhabi announced partial isolation and new requirements to enter the emirate, starting from July 19 from midnight until 5 am, to prevent the spread of Corona virus mutant.

The committee said, according to what was monitored by “Watan”: “The sterilization program will start daily from 12 midnight to 5 am, and during this period traffic and public movement will be restricted, and public transportation will stop.”

The committee also announced the modernization of operational ratios and absorptive capacity in a number of activities in the emirate, starting from Monday, July 19.

The capacity was set at 50% in public beaches, public parks, private beaches, swimming pools, gyms, sports clubs in hotels, spas in hotels, public buses and ferries.

Abu Dhabi: Capacity

The committee also specified the capacity of 40% in commercial centers and 30% in cinemas, with a maximum of 3 passengers approved in a 5-passenger taxi and a maximum of 4 passengers in a 7-passenger taxi.

The committee stressed the need for community members to adhere to preventive measures, maintain physical distances, and wear masks in public places to preserve public health gains.

Government offices in the Emirates

Earlier, the UAE announced that entry to the headquarters of ministries and federal government agencies will be only for Prime Time Zone who have received the anti-Coronavirus vaccination, starting from next August.

And the official Emirates News Agency (WAM) quoted the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, banning all visitors from entering the headquarters of ministries, federal agencies and their customer service centers, except for Prime Time Zone who receive the two full doses of the vaccine.

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The Federal Authority in the Gulf state also reported that unvaccinated persons may enter, provided that a negative examination is submitted within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

This decision excludes Prime Time Zone who did not receive the vaccination based on medical advice from the competent health authorities, provided that a negative test whose validity does not exceed 48 hours is also submitted, in addition to children under 16 years of age.

This decision comes after other Gulf countries took similar measures as part of their efforts to combat Covid-19 infection.

And the Emirate of Abu Dhabi – the capital of the United Arab Emirates – has recently tended to prevent visitors from entering government headquarters and public places, except for Prime Time Zone who have been vaccinated.

The new decision targets all government departments at the level of the seven emirates.

Ban on entry to Emiratis

Earlier, South Korea announced the addition of the United Arab Emirates to the list of countries exempted from lifting the mandatory self-isolation for a period of 14 days, even if those coming from the UAE received the vaccine for the emerging Corona virus epidemic.

And the South Korean “Yonhap” agency stated that this decision was made based on the results of diagnostic tests for the Corona virus for 14,305 Prime Time Zone who were excluded from self-isolation on the background of receiving the full vaccine, on the first day of entering the country.

The agency confirmed that the results showed that 10 Prime Time Zone were infected, including 8 from the Emirates, and two from Uganda and Poland.

Accordingly, the number of countries included in this list has reached 22, including South Africa, Brazil, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Malta, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates.

The agency noted that these decisions come in light of growing concern about the spread of the highly contagious mutated virus strain at the global level.

South Korea will allow those coming from abroad who have been fully vaccinated to enter the country without the need for mandatory self-isolation, starting from the first of this July; In the case of visits by Korean citizens and foreigners to meet their immediate family members or visits for commercial, academic and humanitarian purposes, while those from 22 countries must undergo self-isolation for 14 days.

In the past 24 hours, the UAE Ministry of Health announced that it was able to vaccinate 77.3% of the country’s population with the first dose of the Corona vaccine, and 67.8% of the second dose of the vaccine.

According to the latest announced official figures, the number of Corona injuries in the UAE reached 656,354 confirmed cases, including 634,272 recoveries, and 1,885 deaths.

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