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Activists on social media have re-circulated video clips from a Palestinian series called “The Spirit,” which was produced in 2014, showing the escape of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons through secret tunnels they dug.

The re-circulation of these clips coincided with what happened Monday, and the occupation authorities announced the escape of 6 Israeli prisoners from Gilboa prison after they dug a tunnel under the high-security Israeli prison.

Soul series and the escape of prisoners from Gilboa

And the tweeters compared what happened in the series and what happened today, as the acting turned out to be a reality.

The director of the series “The Spirit” Omar Al-Telawi

For his part, the director of the series, Ammar al-Talawi, said that drama always plays a big role in Prime Time Zone’s lives, presenting ideas, sending messages and motivating them, and perhaps this series may have brought the idea back to mind, the idea of ​​prisoners’ attempts to get rid of the oppression prisons of the occupation.

He continued, “The series is prohibited from being shown, mainly inside the prisons of the occupation, as well as Al-Aqsa TV, which was broadcast on it in 2014, for fear of the arrival of such ideas to the prisoners, although it is not a new innovation.”

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Al-Talawi also spoke in media statements to him, “about the series presenting accurate details, to simulate an escape from the occupation prisons, by choosing the place and digging, getting rid of the remnants of the digging and setting off after obtaining freedom.

Al-Talawi indicated that after hearing the news of the prisoners’ exit through the tunnel, he recalled the escape scenes in the series.

He said that when he saw the footage broadcast by the occupation, it appeared as scenes from the series, where the angle of filming, the location and the shape of the hole, and even the number of prisoners in the scenario of the series were 6 prisoners.

He stressed the importance of giving the Palestinian drama adequate support, in light of the attack on the Palestinian cause, and pushing for normalization and meeting the occupation.

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He said, “Unfortunately, the Palestinian drama has been absent during the past ten years, except for some short and local works, and I am certain that the works are our image before the world, and they are the line of defense for the Palestinian cause.”

Pointing out that “there is a close work we are working on to talk about the recent aggression on Gaza.”

Madness and shock in Israel

The Israeli authorities intensified search and search operations after six Palestinians escaped from the highly-security Gilboa prison in northern Israel, at dawn on Monday, through a tunnel dug under a sink, while Israel launched a wide search campaign for them.

The six were held in the same cell, and it was reported that they escaped through a tunnel they had dug over a period of several months.

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The Israeli Prison Service published photos and videos showing a narrow tunnel dug under a sink in the bathroom of a cell.

In a statement, the Israeli army said that its forces “help in pursuit of security prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison,” and that it assigned planes to carry out surveillance missions.

The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported that the Israeli prison administration has intensified the presence of its staff inside the prisons since the morning hours, after the detainees escaped.

The Israeli Prisons Administration emptied the prison completely of detainees and transferred them to unknown destinations, and distributed detainees in Section 2 of the prison, who are serving life sentences, to Raymond, Nafha, and Al-Naqab prisons.

The commission added that the prison administration imprisoned large numbers of Islamic Jihad prisoners in cells, and transferred the movement’s leadership and a number of its members to the investigation center in Jalameh prison, led by leaders Zaid Bseisu and Anas Jaradat.

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She explained that the prison administration closed the prisons and refrained from distributing meals to detainees in many of them.

The names of the Palestinian prisoners

The Palestinian Prisoners Club published the names of the fugitives, namely Zakaria Al-Zubaidi, a former commander in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and five from the Islamic Jihad movement.

According to the club, all the detainees who escaped from the city of Jenin, and four of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

They are Mahmoud Ardah (46 years), who has been detained since 1996, Muhammad Ardah (39 years), who has been detained since 2002, Yaqoub Qadri (49 years), who has been detained since 2003, and Ayham Kammaji (35 years), who has been detained since 2006.

In addition to them are Al-Zubaidi (45 years old) and Munadil Nafeat (32 years), both of whom have been detained since 2019.

serious accident

Officials in the Prisons Authority and the Israeli Police confirmed the start of a large-scale combing operation involving the police, special forces and the army, using sniffer dogs and helicopters, in addition to setting up checkpoints in the vicinity of the area.

The Israeli Prime Minister described the escape as a “serious accident”, stressing that he was following up on the incident and regularly receiving information about the search operations.

Islamic Jihad and Hamas

Islamic Jihad described the escape as a “great heroic act”, stressing in a brief statement that it “will cause a severe shock to the Zionist security system and constitute a severe blow to the occupation army.”

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad supporters distributed sweets in the street to motorists and passersby in celebration.

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As for the Hamas movement, it said it was “a brave and heroic act, a victory for the will and determination of our prisoners, and a real challenge to the Zionist security system.”

A video clip released by the Israel Prisons Service showed the authorities inspecting the hole the prisoners had dug next to the cell toilet.

The prison in Israel is described as “Al-Khazna Prison” because of the tight procedures in it, to prevent any attempt to escape from it.

Israeli security commentator Yossi Melman wrote on Twitter, “As in the movies, this is not the first time, in July 1958 a violent prison uprising broke out in the prison, 66 prisoners escaped, 11 others and two guards were killed, and everyone was arrested. In 2014, detainees dug a tunnel, but they were exposed and their attempt was thwarted.

Gilboa Maximum Security Prison

According to Addameer Prisoner Care and Palestinian Human Rights Association, Gilboa Prison “was established under the supervision of Irish experts and opened in 2004.

It is described as the most guarded prison in Israel, holding Palestinians whom Israel believes carried out operations inside the territory of 1948.

After escaping from the pit, the detainees used the corridors formed by the prison building to escape, said Arik Yakov, the IPS’s northern commander.

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