Activist Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaimi reveals a plot to drug him and kidnap him to Saudi Arabia | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Saudi activist Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaimi revealed a dangerous plot to kidnap him and deport him to Saudi Arabia.

“Al-Suhaimi” said in a tweet on Twitter monitored by “Watan” that one of his friends informed him of an attempt to deport him to Saudi Arabia, and the plot is to drug him and take him to the airport with the help of some security men.

Al-Suhaimi added, “I did not care, but today the news was confirmed to me when one of the policemen called my cell phone and my wife’s mobile and asked to come to the police station in the neighborhood in which I live and reached the United Nations office.”

He confirmed that the Saudi embassy was behind the plot to kidnap him, drug him, and transfer him to the airport in order to deport him to Saudi Arabia.

Al-Suhaimi published one of the threats that he received from the Saudi regime constantly.

Al-Suhaimi had warned the activist of the dangers of a Saudi scheme aimed at sabotaging the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

In a message addressed to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Al-Suhaimi said that an agent in the Saudi government said that it could easily sabotage the Qatar World Cup in 2022 through a terrorist bombing operation.

Al-Suhaimi explained that this person said that the World Cup will not be held in Qatar because “a car bomb will explode, which will push the participating teams not to take risks.”

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