Adel Al-Kalbani raises controversy in an article about laughter published by Al-Riyadh newspaper entitled (Hahahahaha) A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Saudi preacher, Adel Al-Kalbani, who previously served as the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, sparked controversy with an article he published in the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadh, entitled “Hahahahaha”, a sensation, in which he talked about laughter, its philosophy and its importance to humans.

Al-Kalbani said, “Laughter is one of the human qualities, and one of the characteristics of man, until the philosopher Nietzsche said: I do not know exactly why man was the only being who laughed?”

Adel Al Kalbani

Al-Kalbani added: “What you read about the sequence of the letter Haa is not a typo, but rather it is the title of my article, and he was surprised, as many readers might like, how this “Wasabi” laughter can be during a writing that is intended to advance by subtraction and writing?!

Adel Al-Kalbani added: “I say: She is! The sequence of this letter shortened for many Prime Time Zone the phrase of expressing their humour… Laughter is one of the human qualities, and one of the special characteristics of the human being.”

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He continued: “Until the philosopher Nietzsche said: I do not know exactly why man was the only being who laughs?”

He continued: “Away from this question, we turn to the methods of expressing this laughter in our writings, especially on the succession of the letter Haa to express laughter, and a person may write it while addressing another party on the communication sites, so the addressee feels his laughter, even if in reality the face is frown with closed lips, but he laughed “.

And he added: “We did not find this expression in the books of the ancients, although the letter was present, and its sequence leads to the expression of laughter in fact.”

He added, “But we wonder why they didn’t use it? Several answers may be given, the most beautiful of which is that this is a development of writing that accepts creativity without asking why the first did not guide it?

Adel Al-Kalbani added: “There are many examples of the development of writing and its methods, including punctuation marks and dots, they are signs that lead to meanings in their contexts, and the meaning of the sentence may change completely with the presence or absence of a sign, although the sentence is the same!”

He asked: “Is the sequence of distraction “Hahahaha” added to these signs to express a position at which the writer laughed? Why not? And what a beautiful sign! It summarizes a lot, and shows the happiness of the speaker. Rather, it is one of the charity that the Messenger of love, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, desired, when he said: “Your smile in your brother’s face is charity,” and in the other hadith “And if you meet your brother with a cheerful face.”

Al-Kalbani: I do not rule out that laughter has letters

And Adel Al-Kalbani continued: “I do not rule out that laughter has letters that follow in other languages, but symbols and miniature images have been created in the world of digital communication, which is known as “emoji”, and they are the expressive faces that shorten many interactive cases in speech, laughter, anger and crying And irony and exclamation, and a lot more that everyone who owns the phone and has entered the world of the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. knows.”

He added: “You may find someone who sees the prohibition of using such expressions because they include the image of a face that mimics a human or animal.”

However, he added: “But this proposal and opinion will not find space for it in the mind or logic, and it is from the reality that requires a jurisprudential review in this issue and the like, which has kept us anxious for years, and some of them still cling to it with their excessive use of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, and these emojis are a major part of their software.” .

a funny situation

He added: “We repeat the words in these expressions, and Prime Time Zone have found in the sequence of the letter Haa an appropriate method for expressing laughter. Rather, by the amount of its frequency, you know if your speaker laughed a lot or a little, perhaps he followed it three or four, but sometimes for a beautiful blink or a funny situation you find pressing on Distraction and pressure until he feels he has laughed enough and then sends it to his address.


He concluded his article by saying: “In those mentioned means, we find symbols of laughter that may dispense with the repetition of distraction by repeating the symbol.”

He added, “But the sequence of distraction will be the punctuation mark corresponding to the various writing styles, whether in the means of communication that do not serve the use of symbols, or even in paper newspapers and printed books.”

Adel Al-Kalbani continued: “There is no legal or linguistic objection to using it to express laughter, provided that it is not vulgar at all times and when, and that whoever writes in these means avoids a lot of laughter. The laughing one wants it..this, and God is behind the intent.”

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