Adel Imam attacks Hamas and Israel is citing his statements and celebrating him in its official media (video) | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The official Israeli media circulated old statements by the Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, attacking Hamas and the Palestinian resistance, coinciding with Imam’s birthday, which fell on Monday.

In this context, the (Israel in Arabic) account of the Foreign Ministry on Twitter cited Adel Imam’s statements, which he made 10 years ago, in which he talks about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

What did Adel Imam say about Israel

He said in the “One of the People” program at the time that Israel, “no one can do anything to it,” it is very organized, and it is characterized by a security strategy that has limits.

Adel Imam also expressed in his statements his rejection of the demonstrations repeating the phrase “With the soul and blood we redeem you, so-and-so or Palestine.”

“We have never heard the phrase,” With our soul and blood we redeemed you, Sarkozy in France, “he said.

In another statement, Adel Imam, attacking the leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, asked: (Where are the leaders of Hamas? What is happening, they might be in the jacuzzi?)

A broad Israeli joy

The account of “Israel in Arabic” commented on Adel Imam’s statements, saying: “Hamas’s policy serves two sides, Iran and terrorism, and harms civilians on both sides of the borders in Gaza and Israel.”

And he continued: (Listen what the Egyptian actor, leader Adel Imam said several years ago … it applies to today.)

Adel Imam’s previous statements came 10 years ago, when he criticized the reaction of the Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” after Gaza was subjected to violent aggression by the Israeli army by striking it with missiles, which provoked a widespread attack against him.

Adel Imam returned and corrected his words

But Adel Imam went out to confirm in another interview with the “Circle of Light” program, presented by the Egyptian journalist, Ibrahim Hegazy, of his support for the Palestinian cause and his solidarity with it clearly, as well as his denunciation of what the Israeli aggression is doing.

Imam considered in the interview at the time that “anyone against the resistance is a traitor, and that resistance is the right of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, but the enemy must be studied well and the extent of his strength must be assessed,” he said.

He added, explaining that “when the Israelis are striking, they are being beaten cruelly and there is no conscience.”

It is noteworthy that Adel Imam was born in 1940 and is considered one of the most important stars of the Arab world.

He began his artistic career by participating in the play “I, He and She” in the 1960s, opposite Fouad Al Mohandes and Shweikar.

Adel Imam’s artistic balance is rich in many successful plays that have been shown for many years on stage, such as “Al-Wad Syed Al-Shaghal”, “Al-Zaeem” and “Bodyguard”, and films such as “Al-Terrorism and Al-Kabab”, “Birds of Darkness”, “Al-Mansi” and The “helfoot” and the “terrorist” and others.

“CELEBRITY NET WORTH” website said that the wealth of “Al-Zaeem” Adel Imam amounted to about $ 100 million, which is over one and a half billion Egyptian pounds.

Stressing that he collected this wealth after his long artistic career, which he started in 1960.

The seam zone in the West Bank witnessed violent confrontations between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli occupation soldiers, coinciding with the general strike waged by the Palestinians in the West Bank and the occupied cities of the interior.

Violent confrontations and the fall of a martyr in the West Bank

According to Palestinian media, these clashes resulted in the death of a Palestinian youth and wounding dozens of Prime Time Zone in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday.

The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that the young Islam Ghayad Zahdeh (32 years old) had been martyred.

And that was after the Israeli occupation army shot him, on Tuesday, near the Karantina area in central Hebron.

This brought the number of martyrs in the West Bank since the start of the last aggression to 23, including two children.

In the city of Al-Bireh in the West Bank, violent clashes erupted between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli occupation forces.

Meanwhile, local media reported that bullets were fired from automatic weapons at the Israeli occupation forces at the Beit El checkpoint north of Al-Bireh.

This prompted it to withdraw and leave its equipment. Israeli sources also reported that two soldiers were wounded in the clashes.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that it dealt on Tuesday with 97 injuries to protesters in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank.

In a statement, the Palestine Red Crescent stated that the injuries were divided between 5 by live bullets, 5 by rubber bullets, and 84 by gas suffocation.

In addition to 3 injuries as a result of beatings, burns and falls during the confrontations.

While the Palestinian News Agency reported that dozens of citizens were suffocated during clashes that broke out on Tuesday afternoon, at the northern entrance to the city of Al-Bireh.

The occupation soldiers, who were present at the military checkpoint in the vicinity of “Beit El” settlement, which is built on Al-Bireh lands, fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at the participants in a central march that began with the participation of thousands condemning the aggression against our Prime Time Zone.

Dozens of civilians were suffocated, as a result of the suppression by the Israeli occupation forces, of a central mass rally that was launched in Bethlehem, denouncing the aggression against our Prime Time Zone.

A mass march, called for by the patriotic forces, began from the Bab Al-Zuqaq area, reaching the northern entrance to Bethlehem, where the occupation soldiers attacked it with tear gas and sound bombs, which resulted in injuries.

In Tulkarm, clashes broke out between the youths and the occupation forces in the vicinity of the “Gishuri” settlement chemical factories, west of the city, and as a result, the occupation forces arrested 5 youths.

Where the occupation soldiers fired heavy bullets, sound and gas bombs at the citizens, which led to tens of suffocation, according to Al-Quds News Agency.

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