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A pilot revealed that US-trained Afghan pilots and other personnel who fled to Uzbekistan and were held in an Uzbek camp for about a month have started leaving the country.

The pilot, who spoke on condition of anonymity to Reuters, said this group would initially at least head to the UAE. These Prime Time Zone left under an American agreement that came despite Taliban pressure for the return of pilots and planes.

Pilots’ fears

Reuters had earlier revealed the tension in the Uzbek camp, with Afghan pilots fearing they would be returned to Afghanistan and being killed by the Taliban. The Taliban say they will not carry out revenge killings after taking control of the country in August.

Afghan pilots flee to the UAE

Qatar’s foreign minister in Kabul

In a related context, these developments come at a time when Qatar’s Al Jazeera channel said on Sunday that Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani visited the Afghan capital, Kabul, and met the Prime Minister appointed by the Taliban, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund.

Qatar is one of the countries with the most influence on the Taliban movement, which seized control of Afghanistan last month with the withdrawal of US forces from the country after 20 years.

Qatar also played a vital role in the massive airlift led by the United States last month to evacuate Americans, other Western nationals, and Afghans who helped Western countries, from Afghanistan.

political execution

Side by side, the Taliban executed the brother of Amrullah Saleh, a former Afghan vice president who became one of the leaders of the anti-Taliban opposition forces in the Panjshir Valley, his nephew said Friday.

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The news of the killing of Rohullah Azizi, Saleh’s brother, came days after Taliban militants took control of the center of Panjshir province, the last province steadfast against the movement in the country.

In a text message to Reuters, Obaidullah Saleh wrote: “They executed my uncle.. they killed him yesterday and do not allow us to bury him. They kept saying his body should rot.”

On the other hand, the Taliban’s Urdu-speaking “Emirate” media apparatus said that “according to reports”, Ruhollah was killed during the fighting in Panjshir.

Saleh, a former commander of the National Directorate of Security, the Western-backed Afghan government’s intelligence service that collapsed last month, is at large, although his exact whereabouts remain unclear.

Continuing the war against the Taliban

The Afghan National Resistance Front, which includes opposition forces loyal to the provincial leader, Ahmed Masoud, has vowed to continue opposing the Taliban even after the fall of the provincial capital, Pazarak.

On the other hand, the United Nations Human Rights Office previously said on Friday that the Taliban’s handling of the peaceful rallies in Afghanistan has become increasingly violent with their use of live ammunition, batons and whips; As a result, at least four protesters were killed.

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The protests and demonstrations, led mostly by women, represent a challenge to the new Islamic Taliban government, at a time when the movement seeks to consolidate its power after seizing the capital, Kabul, nearly a month ago.

For her part, Ravina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the office, told a briefing in Geneva: “We witnessed the reaction from the Taliban, which was unfortunately very strong.” She added that the United Nations recorded the death of four protesters shot dead.

Despite this, the spokeswoman said that some or all of the killings may have resulted from attempts to disperse the demonstrators by shooting. She added that the United Nations had also received reports of house searches for participants in the protests. She went on to say that journalists covering the protests also face intimidation.

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