After Fadwa Salam .. This is what the Sultanate of Oman did with Amira Al-Shanfari because of her publications A nation is tweeting out of tune


The judicial authorities in the Sultanate of Oman launched a campaign against indecent content on social media, and closed the accounts of several social media celebrities.

Closing shameless accounts

And local media reported that court rulings have been issued against some celebrities on social media sites in the Sultanate. For reasons offensive to modesty and breach of public morals.

The Omani media did not mention the names of the celebrities whose accounts were closed, but Omani activists indicated that what was meant was Fadwa Salam. And Princess Al-Shanfari, known as “Princess of the Universe”.

“Princess of the universe” is the talk of Omanis

The hashtag # Princess_Con has been the most popular trend in the Sultanate of Oman, in which activists have praised the Omani judiciary and its role. By preserving the image of the conservative Sultanate.

Omani activist Ali Al-Muqbali wrote: “Very happy news and we thank the court of justice for this ruling, and we hope after closing many accounts. Which does not provide the Omani Prime Time Zone with any connection, we are with the Omani judiciary. ”

The last opinion agreed, calling for the arrest of others, and he wrote: “Long live the Omani judiciary. May God attach the rope to the bucket. He attains them more than that, the patroness of Asfar, and the patroness of the Maldives, the best unity.

Conservative Omani society

Another praised the Omani society, which still insists on adhering to its originality, and wrote: “Praise be to God, the society still adheres to its originality and the values ​​on which it was raised. Thank you. For my judgment to put an end to everyone who is tempted to offend all that is Omani.

The activist Ahed republished part of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s speech on developing accountability tools. She commented: “Laws and legislations are an advanced system that changes to keep pace with the facts of each age. And the Omani society has known about it the sophistication and goodness of the morals of its Prime Time Zone, and we do not want this view to change because of famous Prime Time Zone you were the reason for their fame by following you to their accounts, which unfortunately do not provide anything useful that matches the principles and values ​​of the dear nation.

The phenomenon of fame through social media

Lamar Al Balushi asked in her comment about the phenomenon of fame, and said: “Communication media is full of famous names and serious content. Who provides scientific or cognitive content, or celebrities who master the blank content, the phenomenon of popularity on social media is emerging as a situation that needs to be pondered and questioned.

Tweeting in the name of Umm Jouri, she referred to the position of the children of these famous women, and wrote: “The mother is always an example for children, so why do we put our children in embarrassing situations. And it is bullying from society because of very, strange passages that are not related to the mind. What is the purpose of all this simple life and does not want all this depravity. ”

One of the activists called for the enactment of laws to legalize the use of these programs, and wrote: “We need a law to legalize the use of social media programs. So that some Prime Time Zone are aware and understand the meaning of freedom and the meaning of offending society.

And he continued: “The well-known has followers and some may take him as an example to him. The content and what this famous person provides may reflect positively or negatively on his followers.”

Another agreed, saying: “Unfortunately, some accounts have recently come up with inappropriate and healthy content for the society in which we live, from my point of view. I consider it an offense to the Omani society as a whole and not to their Prime Time Zone. I hope this group will be deterred and the need to organize this aspect in a way that suits us.

Circulate the judgments!

Another called for the experience to be circulated to all Gulf states, and he said in his tweet: “We hope that all the Gulf judiciary will deal with the most severe penalties. For everyone who is begging for himself to make passages unworthy of the Gulf and Islamic society, because, frankly, we see shameful passages in our society.

And he posted the last video of the universe princess, imitating cats, and sarcastically wrote: “Praise be to God for the blessing of the mind.”

Saad praised the timing of the ruling by closing the account of the Princess of the Universe and Fadwa Salam, and wrote: “An excellent time to put an end to the proliferation of these species that have been affected by famous tradition. From neighboring countries and their actions are not related to customs and traditions, these types spread poisons and ideas, intentionally or unintentionally, to sabotage the emergence and turn them into intellectual vacuums and consumers formally even food.

Hussein Al-Alawi also called for blocking any account of “trivial” content and recommended useful accounts to follow, and wrote: “I hope that every (trivial) account will be blocked. It has no meaningful content and whoever relates to comedy and entertainment. There are several ways to convey it in a meaningful manner. The simplest examples are provided by Shabab Ibri, the artist Abdel Hakim and other content owners of value and values.

Another blamed some of the activists who made the princess of the universe and her ilk famous, writing: “Mafia is a celebrity worthy of fame. You have made fools of celebrities, most of today’s celebrities are just reproductions of some with no content or purpose. ”

We are all with Fadwa Salam

The Omani activist, Munir Al-Balushi, was the first to announce the issuance of a court ruling to close the account of two Omani celebrities on communication sites.

Munir Al-Balushi said in a video circulating yesterday, Saturday: “A court ruling was issued in one of our courts to close two accounts. For two famous Prime Time Zone on social media. The reason, of course, is the indecent and immoral content they present.

Al-Balushi added: “In parentheses, a breach of public morals, and this indicates the integrity of the judiciary and the fairness of our judiciary in the Sultanate of Oman.”

He added: “The lesson I want to pass on to others. Adhere to your limits, cover your shame and their privacy, let it be for you, because the law is now cut.

The Omanis suggested that Munir al-Balushi was referring to his famous words on the communication sites in the Sultanate, Fadwa Salam Al-Busaidi. The hashtag # We are all with Fadawi_Salam has been published, the trend in the Sultanate.

During it, the tweeters expressed their shock that the hashtag appeared to support Fadwa Salam, while it carries its folds. Wide praise for the closure of her account and outrage over her content.

Who is the princess of the universe?

The Princess of the Universe is a prominent Omani businesswoman in the business sector, and she always promotes her products on social media, in addition to sharing some details of her life.

The princess of the universe previously said in a media interview that the credit for her success is due to Sultan Qaboos, and to the laws that were enacted to preserve women’s rights. In addition to family and children’s participation in the work.

And the princess of the universe confirmed in that meeting years ago, that the confidence and moral support given to women made them distinguished from women in other countries.

The Princess of the Universe praised the laws that helped women practice their work without leaving their home, especially granting them commercial permits that allow work from inside their home.

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