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The Tunisian hidden camera program, “The Circus”, sparked widespread anger in Tunisia due to the program’s intentional removal of the fangs of the lion participating in the plot.

Fangs of a lion pulled out for a circus program

The idea of ​​the “Circus” program that is being shown on Attessia TV since the beginning of the month of Ramadan revolves around luring a number of media professionals and politicians under the pretext of participating in a TV program entitled “The Dock”.

The guest suddenly finds himself face to face with a lion and two lions, and the fangs of the lion have been uprooted so that the attendees will not be harmed.

This sparked widespread discontent among Tunisian activists, who called for the program to be sued for insulting animals in order to make viewers laugh, describing what Assad had been subjected to as a brutal crime.

Anger in Tunisia because of the circus program

“The summit of ugliness, ignorance and backwardness … they cut the teeth of a lion for the sake of the hidden camera,” political activist Hassiba Belghith wrote on her Facebook account.

The journalist Alaa Al-Shabi wrote on his “Instagram” page: “A lot of carefree laughs Haha.”

Activist Sami Wiley said on his Facebook page: “If you are not ashamed, do what you want .. strange .. a hidden camera program on the ninth channel. By moving ”.

Political activist Atef Qasimi agreed with him and said on his Facebook page: “In a hidden camera program, they remove the fangs of a lion for the sake of television watching .. This is why Tunisia suffers from Corona .. God is my suffice and yes, the agent.”

Activists launched a petition to collect online signatures to file a complaint with the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication in order to intervene to stop the program and hold the supervisors accountable for it and the channel.

The program has nothing to do with what happened to Assad!

For his part, the owner of the program denied that the lion’s teeth had been removed in order to participate in the program.

Muhammad Waseem Al-Bakoush said in a post on “Facebook” that the lion tamer was the one who cooled the tusks of the lion before participating in the program, in order to reduce his danger to the two lionesses who were with him in the same cage and to avoid any accidents that might happen.

Al-Bakoush confirmed that the hidden camera program had nothing to do with that.

Muhammad Ramadan: “The treacherous Persians must be killed.”

And one of the scenes of the series “Musa”, by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, has aroused the anger of associations and organizations for the welfare of animals and the protection of their rights.

In the scene, one of the heroes of the action appears saying: “The treacherous horse must be killed,” and then he shoots a white mare. And he killed it immediately.

The Rafik Campaign Association in Cairo and Giza published a statement objecting to it on its Facebook account. The scene and asks the manufacturer to delete it immediately.

The association wrote in its statement: “We demand an urgent clarification from the company that produced the promo of the Musa series Ahad appears. The work stars accuse the horse, saying: You must die in Jaen.

Refak Association demands clarification from Muhammad Ramadan

And the association continued: “The scene was completed by firing a bullet at the horse, as is evident and at the same moment it rushes. “The horse backs hard and falls hard on the ground.”

The statement added: “Although it is not understood what kind of betrayal this beautiful creature can carry out, and it is a sentence. It falls under the parade item to show the ingratitude of the character. However, its application towards an animal is completely wrong and its message of unjustified violence.

The statement emphasized that this scene is real and has a negative impact on the souls of children, adding: “We will see its echo in the coming days. A real painful scene that has no value except spreading violence as usual from the work of the star of the series. We hope to delete that scene from the artwork, which should have a message towards spreading peace and harmony. With God’s creatures and not spreading violence ”.

The association pointed out that whatever the nature of the scene, it has no purpose in a society suffering from violence. Towards weak creatures.

A veterinarian reveals the scenes of the Moussa series

At that time, the Egyptian doctor, Hatem Sittin, published an explanation in which he revealed the details of the scene, and wrote: “An explanation regarding the scene of the horse being killed and its shocking fall. I was contacted by the sailor who was with the horse (Mahmoud).”

He also continued: “He told me that they used his horse, named (Marwan), in this scene, and he was under the supervision of a veterinarian to sedate him in this scene while the horse is in good condition .. It must be clarified .. the Musa series .. After a while I will upload a picture of the horse Marwan Now until everyone’s hearts are satisfied.

The Rafak Association responded once again to the doctor’s explanation, and published pictures of the horse in good health, and wrote: “The horse that appeared in the series Musa is fine and in good health and claims Marwan, and today these pictures of the horse Marwan have reached us.”

The association also continued: “The filming was carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian and it was necessary to mention that there are many children and adults who thought that the horse had been harmed, so we can reassure you.”

The association confirmed that it still rejects the scene for spreading messages of violence against animals, instead of urging compassion for them, demanding not to promote those ideas in artworks.

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