After her arrival in Kuwait from the Emirates … this is what Tariq Al-Ali said about “baby bottles” cafes! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Kuwaiti actor Tariq Al-Ali attacked the two coming to the phenomenon of presenting drinks with bottles intended for drinking milk for children, “bottles”, which arrived in Kuwait after it began in the Emirates.

Shameful gifts in front of others

Tariq Al-Ali said in a video he posted on his official account on “Instagram” and monitored by “Watan”: “They call us the“ Prime Time Zone of gifts ”, but there are good gifts, and there are embarrassing gifts, not to say that they are wrong, but they are shameful in front of others.

Tariq Al-Ali described the scene of customers gathering in front of the coffee shop serving drinks with bottles. People come from the end of the world and queue for hours, and they are old and not children, and when you ask them what is wrong? They tell you that they want to relive the memories, and it turns out that these lines are for a “feed”.

The Kuwaiti representative also denounced what was happening and asked, “Are you serious? I thought there was a lost child and they were looking for his family, crying, and feeding him “breastfeed”.

Tariq Al-Ali is angry

He continued, “I saw old women and men sacrificing their prestige in front of their families. That is, yes, it is not a wrong thing, but it is not good for your image in front of others ”.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry in Kuwait had closed a coffee shop. Because he offered coffee to his customers in the “breastfeeding” of children, after the spread of a video on social networking sites documenting this.

This came after the ministry received several complaints about the cafe promoting a strange idea. By serving coffee in these bottles. And it was closed because it is part of the methods of insulting public decency, distorting the image of commercial activities and in violation of the applicable regulations.

The phenomenon of breastfeeding cafes began in the UAE, and moved to Kuwait, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, in which the Consumer Protection Authority confirmed that it had dealt with a coffee shop in Al Buraimi Governorate for this reason.

The Consumer Protection Authority stated, in a statement published on its official website, that its administration in Buraimi had dealt with the cafe after receiving many reports against it. To serve cold drinks in bottles designated for drinking milk for children.

The authors of the reports also expressed their dissatisfaction with this extraneous fad in the customs of the Omani society, and the administration immediately began taking measures to prevent its circulation.

The authority indicated that it dealt with the coffee shop in accordance with Article (21) and (26) of the Consumer Protection Law, and the first stipulates that the provider must. Commitment to respect religious values, customs and traditions when providing the consumer with any commodity or receiving any service.

Banning the circulation of indecent goods

And it is stated in the executive regulations from the text of Article (26) that it is prohibited to trade in commodities that come in indecent or immoral forms.

In its statement, the authority called on business owners to take into account the authentic customs and traditions of Omani society and to move away from all that. He would harm her, fearing that she will move quickly against anyone who violates this.

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