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After her dance video with the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, the Kuwaiti artist, Shawq Al-Hadi, returned to stir controversy with a new look and a new dance video as well.

Longing Hadi dance in a dress

Shawq Al-Hadi published pictures in which she appeared in a “stan” dress with an open back, which her followers likened to a “night shirt”, while she appeared in another video, as she danced during an artistic event in Egypt.

The longing of the Hadi

And the audience expressed their astonishment that Shawq Al-Hadi deliberately wears dresses that are very similar to nightgowns.

Shawq Al Hadi 1

Shawq Al-Hadi and Muhammad Ramadan

And the Kuwaiti artist, Shawq Al-Hadi, angered her fans after appearing in a video dancing with the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

Shawq Al-Hadi appeared in a circulating video that was spotted by (Watan), wearing a bare-chested black dress and sleeves, and dancing with Muhammad Ramadan, who embraced her and touched her in a way that provoked anger.

The comments came:

Another commented: (There is no power or strength except with God!! My body shivered from what I saw, may God protect us and protect us).

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Another also noted the way Muhammad Ramadan was touched and wrote: (He gave her the wrong touch at first, and then dismissed the matter in a professional manner).

While a tweeter expressed her feeling of disgust and wrote: (Yes, how did she accept that he puts his hand on her disgusting, of course, if they see Muhammad Ramadan, what will happen to them).

Another agreed with her, saying: (Why do they all become salaams if they meet Muhammad Ramadan?

The abuse of longing Hadi

Recently, Shawq Al-Hadi revealed a shocking thing her father was doing against her.

Shawq Al-Hadi said that she was subjected to physical violence from her father, which shocked her followers.

Shawq said in her first appearance after the death of her ex-husband, Bader Al-Mass: “I was just in need of the tenderness of fatherhood.

This came in the promotional promo revealed by the Kuwaiti media, Saleh Al-Rashed, who will host Farah Al-Hadi through the “Cinderella” program, on the Kuwait ATV screen.

Shouq Al-Hadi also denied the news that had been reported a few days ago regarding her engagement to Kuwaiti blogger Mohsen Al-Nassar.

It is noteworthy that Shawq Al-Hadi is the sister of the actress Farah Al-Hadi, and the announcers Abeer and Hanan Jaber are her cousins.

And last year, Shawq Al-Hadi’s divorced Kuwaiti, Badr Khaled Al-Mass, died as a result of a terrible traffic accident.

And she wrote a tweet lamenting her ex-husband, in which she said: “Go to God’s mercy, my ex-husband, Badr Khaled Al-Mas. Your prayers for him are mercy and forgiveness, and prayers will be held upon him when his body arrives from America.”

Al-Hadi said, in a series of tweets: “Why did you leave me alone in this bad world?! Why did I break my heart with your absence?! And how many “why” I would like to ask you with questions that baffle me so much, and as you have done since your departure.. I did not find you and did not find answers to my questions for you and my heart will not calm down yet, and my need for your embrace, it hurt my heart a lot, but I still feel that I love you even after your departure.

And she added: “You broke in me a feeling that was full of God in you, the day you hurt my heart and hurt me, he left and only God knew the date of his departure, but with his departure, my heart hurt after your departure. This world without you.. May I ask you?! Why did you leave me?!”

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