After her divorce … a man tries to break into the house of the Omani artist, Zara Al Balushi, while she is sleeping (witness) A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Omani actress residing in Saudi Arabia, Zara Al-Balushi, surprised her followers, after she announced that a man had tried to storm her house, claiming to be her husband, in an incident that came after her recent divorce.

Details of the attempt to storm the home of Zara Al Balushi

In the details, Zara said that her worker woke her up at eight in the morning, to tell her that there was a man at the door who wanted to talk to her, adding that as soon as the man saw her he said to her: “Zainab, I am your husband,” explaining that from the horror of the shock she closed the door At him, especially since she hadn’t seen him before.

Al-Balushi indicated that she had submitted a report to the police by phone, and that they arrived in less than 5 minutes, and were able to arrest him before his escape.

Zara confirmed that she feels fear and still fear infiltrates her heart, and said that she was on the verge of collapse due to the attack of this man on her home, and that she would install surveillance cameras for her home from the inside and outside.

Zara Al Balushi’s divorce

Zara Al-Balushi surprised her fans last March by announcing her separation from her husband after only one month of their marriage.

Zara Al-Balushi said in a video clip that she posted on her official Snapchat account: (I do not want to repeat the experience of not announcing my separation, because after my second breakup, I felt that everyone blessed me with marriage while it ended so).

And Zara Al-Balushi added: (I no longer care much about divorce, especially since it is the second, and I got immunity from divorce like the Corona vaccine.)

Zara Al-Balushi explained the reason for publishing the details of her second separation, and said: (All of you will wonder why I published the news, because I feel that the same thing happened to me when I separated from Samir and did not announce, and whenever someone saw me, he asked me about him and sent him greetings on my way).

And she continued: (Yesterday, at the opening ceremony of the film, the same thing happened, before they blessed me for the film, they blessed me for marriage, so I felt that the same thing was repeated).

Zara Al-Balushi confirmed that she does not want anything but that no one blesses her and not open the marriage career, adding: (Praise be to God, I have been twice, I have immunity now).

“Marriage is divided and shared.”

Zara Al Balushi finally revealed the main reason for the divorce after only one month of her marriage.

Zara Al-Balushi responded to one of the follow-ups, who asked her about the reasons for her divorce, especially after she announced that she received a Mercedes car in exchange for the divorce.

Al-Balushi said: (The first difference that occurred between us, he told me marriage is a share and a share, and I did not discuss it after that, and I called my family and told them I do not want it).

And she continued behind the scenes of the night of separation: (I went out of the house and sent him a message in which I said God is covering you, and your dowry will return to you, then I announced my separation).

Zara Al Balushi: I’m stupid!

Al-Balushi explained her feeling of shock from her ex-husband, and said: (A person I knew for two years, and he never refused a request to me, and he wished to think about the relationship, and he knows all the difficulties I faced with my first ex-husband and how much I was suffering until I forgot him).

And she continued: (I was shocked, in the first dispute between us, marriage tells me a share and a share! I felt stupid, but now I am more beautiful and stronger after the divorce).

Al-Balushi concluded: (Many tell me the waiting period, and the waiting period for divorce, if the husband does not enter into his wife and divorces her, then there is no waiting period for her).

(He divorced me in Mercedes)

Al-Balushi had sparked controversy earlier after publishing a video in which she revealed that she had obtained a modern Mercedes in exchange for her divorce.

Al-Balushi said with a smile in the video, which she posted on her personal account on the Snapchat application: (By God, he settled her and divorced me with Mercedes, my helper).

The Saudi-based artist also published another video showing the moment she signed a receipt to collect the car, in which her real name, Zainab Al-Balushi, appears.

In addition to another picture, holding the car key and commenting on it: (Sawaha Al-Qahtani), and another clip showing the truck as it puts her new car in front of her house.

Samir Aref and visited Al-Balushi

She previously married Al-Balushi in 2014, to the Saudi director Samir Aref, whom she met during the filming of the series (I’m Sorry), but they separated after five years.

After her divorce, Zara traveled to Georgia to return to Saudi Arabia, after which she obtained a golden residency there. As she announced that she will settle down and live her life there because the Kingdom is the only homeland she knows.

It is worth noting that Al-Balushi is an Omani actress residing in Saudi Arabia, and she always performs the character of Saudi women and has participated in dozens of dramas and theatrical works.

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