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After she reached 82 years of age … the dancer Najwa Fouad shocked the audience with the number of her husbands: “I wish they were 20!”


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Show dancer Najwa Fouad, 82, shocked the audience by revealing the number of her husbands, and admitted which husband was closer to her heart.

Najwa Fouad – 6 marriages, not 10

Dancer Najwa Fouad admitted that she was married 6 times in her life, not 10 as some promote.

The dancer Najwa Fouad continued in an interview with the program “The Women Don’t Know How to Lie”: “Where is the time?

Ahmed Fouad Hassan

Najwa Fouad opened her heart and said that if time went back to her and she chose one person to complete her life with him, it was Ahmed Fouad Hassan.

“He is the one who raised me, helped me, and taught me everything, and he was all my family,” the dancer added.

Closest spouse

Najwa Fouad stated that the husband closest to her heart was the last.

She explained, “The mistake was not made of it, but I also had part of the mistake. Because I was a star at the time, and I had to dance in joy in my company, because I was under a fait accompli, but in joy I performed the sweetest dance in my whole life, even though my friend kidnapped him from me.

Marriages of Nagwa Fouad

The first husband of Najwa Fouad was the musician Ahmed Fouad Hassan, the leader of the diamond band, who separated from him after having a single daughter with him.

The second husband was the dance instructor, Kamal Naim.

Then she married the artist Ahmed Ramzy, where she only lasted 17 days, and that was in 1963.

Najwa Fouad said that when he got to know her, he asked her to marry her and insisted on doing so after his separation from his wife.

She added that she agreed after feeling attracted to him.

The dancer pointed out that she was associated with parties in America and asked him to delay the completion of the wedding ceremony until her return.

She said that when she arrived in Egypt, she learned that he had returned to his wife, and then she asked him for a divorce, and he did not object.

Sami Al-Zoghbi

As for her fourth marriage, it was to the Lebanese Sami Al-Zoghbi, who was working at the time as a manager of a Cairo hotel.

Najwa used to perform a constant part in it every night that lasted for a long time, which created a love relationship between them that led to marriage.

After her separation from him, she married an Egyptian businessman who owned a famous car agency.

After the separation, she married a businessman Fayez Trad, then Sami al-Muhandis, then Muhammad Musa, then a Kuwaiti businessman.

Heroin addict husband

This is in addition to the young singer Emad Abdel Halim.

Some sources confirmed that she knew that he married her out of greed, so she stipulated that the infallibility be in her hand, and after discovering his heroin addiction, she divorced

The last husband of the dancer was an Egyptian brigade.

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