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Today, Sunday, Hebrew Channel 12 reported that investigations by the Israeli Prison Service and the Shin Bet security service indicated that the six prisoners who were taken from Gilboa prison through the “Freedom Tunnel” did not receive any help, adding that the tunnel continued to be dug for more than 6 months. Months.

And the occupation re-arrested Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Ardah, Muhammad Ardah and Yaqoub Qadri, after their freedom was taken from Gilboa prison, while two prisoners are still free and searches are underway for them.

For its part, the Hebrew Channel Seven said that the four prisoners do not know the whereabouts of the other two, including Mumji and Nafeat’s fighter, at a time when a senior Israeli official suggested that one of them would enter the occupied West Bank.

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The channel stated that the investigations with the four detainees indicated that they had separated, and that communication between them had been cut off after they were able to free themselves.

She indicated that the six prisoners had no means of communicating with each other.

The trial of the re-arrested Freedom Tunnel prisoners

Yesterday evening, an Israeli court in Nazareth extended the detention of the four prisoners, until next Sunday, and charged them with “escaping from prison” and what it described as “conspiracy to commit a crime,” belonging to a “terrorist” organization, and planning to carry out a “terrorist act.”

The four prisoners were shown to the court bound and handcuffed by their hands and feet in an unusual way, which is the first time that prisoners have been shown in this way.

Dozens of Palestinian youths demonstrated inside in front of the court, where they raised pictures of the “prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel” and chanted slogans praising them.

Abu Obeida, a spokesman for the Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, confirmed that any prisoner exchange deal will not take place unless the heroes of the “Freedom Tunnel” are liberated, in reference to the six prisoners.

He pointed out that “this operation once again demonstrated the fragility of the enemy’s security theory, which every time falls under the feet of our Prime Time Zone and their will.”

Abu Obeida added in a televised speech this evening, Saturday: “We say clearly if the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel in Gilboa liberated themselves this time from underground, we promise them and our free prisoners that they will be liberated soon from above the ground and the jailers will open the doors of their cells themselves, and they will come out. They were always held high in a new deal to fulfill the Liberals.”

The arrest of Zakaria Al-Zubaidi and Muhammad Al-Ardah

On Saturday morning, the occupation forces arrested the two prisoners, Zakaria Al-Zubaidi and Muhammad Al-Ardah, near the town of Al-Shibli – Umm Al-Ghanam in Marj Ibn Amer, after 5 days of pursuit, following their liberation from Gilboa Prison through the Freedom Tunnel they dug at the bottom of the prison.

On Friday evening, the occupation forces arrested the two prisoners, Mahmoud al-Ardah and Yaqoub Qadri, in Jabal al-Qafzeh, near the city of Nazareth, in the north of occupied Palestine.

And the occupation forces continue to search for the other two captives, including Kammaji and Nafaat, while the search is focused in the town of (Kfar Yehoshua) in the Yokneam area, southeast of Haifa. According to the Hebrew media.

The escape of the six prisoners from Gilboa prison by digging a tunnel under the prison, and their disappearance for five days, constituted a major blow to the Israeli security system.

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