After the photos and video scandal … Mahira Abdel Aziz responds to Muhammad Ramadan’s bosom A nation is tweeting out of tune


After the harsh criticism she received after embracing the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, Emirati journalist Mahira Abdulaziz deleted the pictures and clips they had collected.

Mahira Abdelaziz: “Muhammad Ramadan is like my brother”

Mahira Abdulaziz appeared in pictures and videos that she posted on her Instagram account while receiving Muhammad. Ramadan with hugs and kisses, and wrote in her comment: “With my dear and creative friend Muhammad Ramadan, we are celebrating a new achievement that is added to it, which is to be the first Arab character in the Free Fire game and to release his image on Burj Khalifa. I am happy to celebrate you and you and the success of success, Oh Lord.”

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But Mahira Abdelaziz deleted the photo only hours after it was published, after receiving criticism.

Mahira Abdulaziz returned to justify her position, and wrote in a tweet on her official Twitter account: “Muhammad Ramadan is a dear friend to my heart and he is like my brother. I rejoice at his successes as he does not rejoice in my successes .. all love and respect for his talent in the series Moussa.”

Emirati Mahira Abdulaziz and Mohammed Ramadan

Following the spread of the publication of a video of them welcoming him with kisses, Mahira was subjected to a wave of criticism, as many saw that this was a big mistake, especially since she was married.

And what came in the comments on one of the accounts: “What is the topic of peace, hugging, and bos shalf? Where do we live? Lord forgive you and repent to you ”and“ Come on, are you not married? ”

And “the forbidden became permissible for them, the world took them” and “Is it how the hugs and kisses will turn?

And also within the comments came, “And how do you cuddle her? Congratulations on you. Does the friend feel it complimenting many pictures and saying”.

Other clips were also reported, in one of which was Mahira’s voice welcoming the artist, describing him as the bacha.

She also appeared with him in another video, while they were riding in the car and listening to one of his songs.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Ramadan announced earlier the event through his own account in the application and wrote to his followers: “Stay tuned for the surprise tonight at Burj Khalifa at 7 pm Dubai time.”

Parliamentary action

Earlier, the Egyptian Member of Parliament, Representative Muhammad Abdullah Zain Al-Din, submitted a briefing request directed to the Minister of Culture and Aviation against the artist Mohamed Ramadan.

The Egyptian parliamentarian called on the Actors Syndicate to take all deterrent measures against the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, against the background of the video he published inside a swimming pool. He is throwing a large number of dollars.

This was in response to the court’s decision to fine him 6 million pounds, due to the arrested pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser.

“Why is this minister silent about the flagrant violations that Muhammad Ramadan commits?” Zain El Din said in his briefing request submitted to Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of Parliament.

He added, “Why did not you take a decision against him in the incident of the arrested pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser, and what will the Minister of Civil Aviation do after the Egyptian judiciary does justice to the arrested pilot?”

He explained that Muhammad Ramadan severely insulted Egyptian art, calling himself “Number One”, then he made a “very provocative” video. To the Egyptian Prime Time Zone, Muhammad Ramadan appeared sitting comfortably in the swimming pool, throwing dollars into the water.

The deputy demanded that Muhammad Ramadan be tried for insulting Egyptian art, pointing out that most of Muhammad Ramadan’s films are. Everything in it includes flagrant violations of Egyptian values ​​and morals.

Muhammad Ramadan and Burj Khalifa

In a separate context, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan announced the launch of his character in the global game “Free Fire” as the first Arab to be an advertising face for the game in the world.

Muhammad Ramadan posted videos on his social media accounts, revealing his participation in the game as “Maru”, from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Muhammad Ramadan wrote on “Instagram” a comment in which he said: “My character is announced in Free Fire on the Burj Khalifa.”

He added on “Facebook”, “Thanks to God, then to the Prime Time Zone of my dear country, Egypt, first, and then to my authentic Arab republic … on the Burj Khalifa.” Yesterday, the global company Garina launched the first Arab character in the global free fire game.

And Muhammad Ramadan had referred to the efforts made by the company based on the game to make the character accurate? Significantly.

The game “Free Fire” is one of the most downloaded fighting games in the world, and is similar to the game “PUBG”. As it includes a fierce battle between a group of players up to 50 Prime Time Zone.

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