After the rapprochement between Egypt and Turkey .. Erdogan’s advisor reveals a surprise about “closing opposition channels.”


Yassin Aktay, an advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, denied the news that was being circulated regarding a Turkish decision to close the Egyptian opposition channels. In the context of the rapprochement between Egypt and Turkey recently.

Erdogan’s advisor reveals the truth of the lies

Aktay said, in a statement to the Qatari “Al Jazeera Mubasher” channel, which was monitored by “Watan”: “Turkey will not close the channels, the Turkish position on coups and the human rights file will not change.”

Aktay added, “Turkey will continue to support democracy, freedoms and human rights, and I do not expect Erdogan to meet Sisi, and I do not see that there is a need for that.”

Aktay indicated that all Egyptian dissidents residing in Turkey have their rights reserved, and that whoever leaks news about Ankara’s intention to hand them over to Cairo wants sedition.

He stressed that the agreement between Egypt and Turkey, if signed, “does not require Ankara to abandon its principles.”

Set the editorial font

Earlier, Arabi21 quoted an unnamed source as saying that Turkish officials had asked Egyptian opposition channels in Istanbul to control their editorial line, according to professional journalistic standards.

The source added that the Turkish request came in light of official Turkish and Egyptian efforts to bring the two countries closer and end the dispute between them for years.

The source denied that the Turkish authorities had asked the owners of the Egyptian channels to close them, pointing out that what was only requested was that the editorial policy conforms to international professional standards for journalistic work.

Inaccurate hadith

In turn, the chairman of the board of directors of the opposition Al-Sharq channel, the politician Ayman Nour, said, “The talk about receiving directives is inaccurate, but there is a dialogue between us.”

“We were not asked to close the channels, but rather to review the editorial policy,” he added, in an interview with “Makmaleen” channel, which continued to broadcast.

According to Nour, there is an ongoing discussion with the officials responsible for the editorial line in the “Al Sharq” channel about controlling its policies in accordance with the press charters, without prejudice to the principles of the channel.

The international lawyer and Egyptian opposition figure, Mahmoud Refaat, confirmed that the news being circulated about Turkey’s status of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under house arrest, without truth, after the recent rapprochement between Egypt and Turkey.

Refaat said, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Information about the situation of some Brotherhood leaders under house arrest in Turkey is unfounded. As confirmed to me, more than one source called me from Istanbul.

He added, “But the confirmed information is the request of the Turkish authorities from the channels of the East, complementary and homeland, to stop dealing with the Egyptian issue.”

Overwhelming popularity

Refaat added: “It is certain that Erdogan has achieved sweeping popularity through Arab channels in Turkey on the Arab street. A large sector of the Arab street, especially in countries in crisis, has become a belief that Erdogan is sincere and emissary from heaven. This was helped by the writings of those associated with Qatar and those sitting in Turkey on the communication sites and now he is turning the helm in another direction.

The Egyptian system is fancy

In another tweet, the international lawyer said: “The regime in Egypt is under the illusion that silencing Turkey’s channels will close the door to its critics and promote its channels.”

He added, “Silencing Turkey’s channels will not push Egyptians to the regime’s channels, but rather make the Egyptian street turn to social media.”

He continued: “This is what took the Egyptians to the streets in 2011 by the millions to depose a ruler for the first time in Egypt’s thousands of years of history.”

Previous statements

Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced the resumption of diplomatic contacts between Egypt and Turkey.

Ihsanoglu stressed that this took place while the two countries did not put forward any preconditions for the start of diplomatic contacts with the aim of returning relations to normal.

The Turkish minister indicated earlier that his country was ready to negotiate a new maritime agreement in the eastern Mediterranean with Cairo.

He said, “We have had contacts at the level of intelligence and my foreign ministries. Diplomatic contacts have started. ”

Small steps

He explained that the resumption of relations is taking “small steps” according to “a specific strategy, a road map.”

Cavusoglu continued, “It is not easy to move as if nothing happened overnight, in light of the interruption of relations for many years.”

He pointed out that the normalization of relations is taking place, but slowly, through discussions, drawing up a roadmap, and taking steps on those issues.

At the same time, the Turkish official mentioned, “There is no reason not to repair relations with Saudi Arabia.

He continued: “If they take a positive step, we will do so as well. The same applies to the United Arab Emirates as well. ”

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