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The Emirati artist, Ahlam, revealed that she was harassed while walking in a market with her friend, without the harasser knowing that she was dreams.

A harasser for dreams: Yazine Haltoul

Ahlam seemed shocked as she narrates the situation in a video through her account on (Snapchat), and she appeared wearing a head covering and a muzzle, and walking with her friend, and she says: (Impossible, as you say about something, imagine someone flirting with me saying Yazin this tall, Yazin this tall).

And she continued: (Oh, Lord, he will heal me on the snap, by saying, you see I am engaged, and how do you flirt with me in front of Prime Time Zone?).

Turquoise dream dress!

Earlier, Ahlam sparked widespread controversy because of her dress, which she appeared in during filming the clip for the song “May God have mercy on him” from the album “Fadwa Oyounak”.

Ahlam appeared in a “turquoise” dress during the filming of the clip, but the followers considered that Ahlam’s clothes did not fit the nature of the song’s name, as they saw that they contradict each other.

And the song “May God have mercy on him”, from the album “Fadwa Oyounak”, which is written by “Moataz”, composed by “Abdul Rahman Al-Othman”, and distributed by “Mishary Al-Yateem”.

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In addition, the investor and businessman Mubarak Al-Hajri commented for the first time and in his rare appearance, on his relationship with his wife, Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi, and revealed aspects of her private life.

Through the “Jani Kalam” program on YouTube, Al-Hajri talked about several memories, including his first meeting with dreams, and also commented on the criticism of some of him because of the public kisses that he and dreams exchanged in front of the audience.

Commenting on the videos of kisses between him and his wife, which recently sparked controversy, Al-Hajri said: “This is an artist, this is my wife and our life in this way. I love her on my head and she loves me on her head, she is a public figure and this is our life.”

He continued, “I greet her with this bead on the head and there is trust between us,” and he continued, “If I do not spoil her, who will I spoil?”

When asked if he was jealous of her, he said, “How would I be jealous of her? This is my wife and the mother of Fahed, a strong and leading woman. And on the Egyptians’ saying, “a stump,” and about his love for her, he said, “Of course I love her, and she is the money of my eyes.”

First meeting in Beirut

Mubarak Al-Hajri also revealed the details of the first meeting he had with Ahlam at the Emirati embassy in Beirut in 2000 as part of a cultural celebration.

Al-Hajri added that Ahlam is the first artist to be accepted in every Gulf house, and he loved her and her song “You know why I upset you” in particular.

And when he met her, he was very happy with this meeting, and he invited her to sit with him, and told her since their first meeting: “You know that God created you for me.”

Then he continued, saying to his interlocutor: “Glory be to God, the souls are soldiers who are soldiers. What they know each other is united, and what is alienated from them is different, so we met, praise be to God.”

Mubarak indicated that when he loved Ahlam, she was not at the top of fame and money, and he loved her for being a simple and humble person, then God blessed them because of their good intentions.

Rumors of the separation of Ahlam and Mubarak Al-Hajri

Al-Hajri also pointed out that he has a happy family and that God has given him more than he deserves.

And about the rumors of separation that pursue him and dreams every period, he said that during the quarantine period, I had suitable dreams in the Emirates.

I stayed with her family during the quarantine period, and that’s all there is to it, adding that they communicate via video calls on a daily basis and talk for hours.

Ahlam: (I am a Bedouin)

In another context, Ahlam Al-Shamsi entered the line of the crisis triggered by the statement of Lebanese Foreign Minister Charbel Wahba weeks ago, when he described Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states as Bedouin Prime Time Zone, which sparked widespread resentment in the Gulf against him.

Through her official account on Twitter, Ahlam published a picture of her wearing the Emirati burqa, and wrote on the photo: (I am the Bedouin, Ahlam Bint Ali bin Hazeem Al Shamsi), and attached it to the hashtag (# Hanna_Bedou).

Ahlam Al Shamsi also published a second picture of the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and commented on it: (The Bedouin father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul).

A video clip of Ahlam reciting verses from the Noble Qur’an in her voice raised the views of followers between a supporter and an admirer of her voice during her reading of the Qur’an, and an objector and an attacker to her.

The video received a high viewership of more than 100,000.

Ahlam did not appear in the video, but rather heard her voice reciting the Qur’an.

Ahlam memorize parts of the Qur’an

And the Emirati artist, Ahlam Al Shamsi, revealed in previous statements that she studied Islamic law, but did not complete her studies, as she turned to singing despite the opposition of her family to that.

Ahlam stated that she memorized parts of the Qur’an and was teaching the Holy Qur’an.

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