Ahmed Al Shugairi’s photo with a bare chest raises a sensation after years of absence! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shugairi has led Twitter trends in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Egypt over the past hours.

Ahmed Al-Shugairi talk of girls

This came after the fourth episode of Ahmed Al Shugairi’s new Ramadan program “Sin”, where he introduced the viewers. The national program for the development of the fisheries sector in the Kingdom, through fish farming, sank into the sea to let the viewers know more.

And Ahmed Al-Shugairi appeared with a bare chest preparing to swim, and showed his athletic body, which made him the talk of girls via “Twitter”.

The hashtag # Ahmed Al Shugairi led the trend on Twitter, during which a controversy erupted between the girls who flirted with the Saudi broadcaster, and between the young men who considered the matter to be harassment.

Harassment or spinning?

And one of the comments read: “He was shouting for a long time to hear his words.”

Another asked to marry him, saying: “God willing, morals and the form of my marriage, I beg you.”

Another sarcastic commented: “And here we knew that there is something sweeter than thoughts.”

While another praised the gracefulness of Ahmed Al-Shugairi, and wrote: “God is nice, that there are Prime Time Zone who are old and the rest of their body and their appearance is a model that is upholstered.”

Another wrote: “This person must become a minister, and God is forbidden. His life is spent while he talks about development and a base person is exploiting him.”

Another sarcastic commented: “What needed a million parts for thoughts was I cried, and we can all hear your words.”

While a Saudi activist compared the girls’ spinning with Ahmed Al-Shugairi to crimes of harassment, Abdul Salam Al-Harithi wrote: “The girls who download pictures of Al-Shugairi and flirt with it are the same who cry if they see a harasser and raise him a trend and put his reputation on the ground and stow in it, they are really light-headed.

The “Sen” program

The mbc channel group had published the promo of Ahmed Al-Shugairi’s program, which bears the name “Seen”, during which the Saudi journalist appeared saying: “When we walk this march, we know that everyone must participate in it, and the improvement does not happen at the press of a button, and the picture does not talk about everything. Saudi Arabia reached it. ”

The “Sen” program sheds light on the state of economic development and openness that Saudi Arabia has witnessed in recent years, and the projects that the Kingdom is implementing, whether on the economic or social level.

Turki Al-Sheikh and Al-Shukairy

The “Sen” program will focus on promoting the idea of ​​the question, and the search for knowledge by asking important questions about the truth of things. It will be presented shortly before breakfast, as announced by mbc.

The tweeters praised the return of Ahmed Al-Shugairi, and expressed their joy about that, especially since they had previously called on the head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, to support Al-Shugairi instead of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal, after the advisor appeared in the room of the secrets of the program “Ramez his mind flew”.

Ahmed Shuqairi

Last year, Ahmed Al Shugairi won the Academy Award for Education 2020, launched by the Human Resources Development Center in Dubai (HDTC).

The global award categories were divided into six categories: The first one bears the name (The most popular educational motivational video in 2020), in which the film (Ehsan min Al-Mustaqbal) by Al-Shugairi won, and the video received nearly 4 million views.

Al-Shugairi was previously chosen among the most influential figures in the Arab world, and in 2014, “Al-Marsad” listed him. Saudi Social Media ”is on the list of the most influential personalities and entities in Saudi social networks, and it was awarded by the Japanese embassy. In Saudi Arabia, a certificate of appreciation for the role of his program “Khawatir” in “increasing the interest of the Saudi Prime Time Zone in all aspects of Japanese society.”

It is worth noting that Ahmed Al-Shugairi was married twice and divorced with the first, and he is now married to Saudi Arabia, Rola Dashisha, and the couple had two children, Youssef and Ibrahim.

In addition to his media activities, Ahmed Al Shugairi owns a business of his own, which he spends on himself and his family in selling household items, in addition to his advocacy and volunteer work.

Al-Shugairi has been absent from presenting the Khawatier program since 2015, after 11 parts. His program was among the months in the region and the most followed, due to the values, principles and ideas it was proposing.

Recently, news spread about the death of Ahmed Al-Shugairi, who was presenting the “Khawatir” program at the hospital, after suffering a sudden heart attack.

Hundreds of media fans and followers rushed to investigate more about the news and its validity. According to what was circulated

Hours after the news spread, Al-Shugairi did not issue any denials on his official Instagram and Twitter pages, but his family was contacted, which in turn denied the news of the death and confirmed that the journalist is alive and well.

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