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Ahmed Musa runs in Abdullah Al Sharif’s show and publishes an immoral video of him! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian journalist Ahmed Moussa, in the presentation of the journalist and activist Abdullah Al-Sharif, played during his episode of the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel.

Ahmed Musa, who is known for his intimidation of the Sisi regime and its intelligence services, published an immoral video clip, in which he claimed it was the activist Abdullah Al-Sharif.

Time out until seven o’clock

Al-Mutabel, Ahmed Musa, the activist Abdullah Al-Sharif, had been neglected until Sunday at 7:00 pm, to reveal the truth about this immoral video.

He continued, “There is a bottle that appeared in the immoral video,” asking the sheriff to reveal what the bottle on the table in front of him contained.! According to his claim

Moussa said that he does not accuse anyone and left the field for what he called the “traitor” Abdullah Al-Sharif until this evening to reveal the truth about this video.

“Sisi’s dog house”

The recent leaks of activist Abdullah Al-Sharif also angered the Egyptian regime, and it decided to take revenge on the opposition media abroad. And on their head is Moataz Matar and Abdullah Al-Sharif

The Court of Urgent Matters in Cairo issued a decision to withhold the funds of 285 individuals claiming to be affiliated with the Brotherhood and 3 companies affiliated to it, and to prevent their disposal.

The court’s decision included, “Preventing those covered by the decision from disposing of all their real estate, movable, liquid, and equity funds. And the bonds registered in their names with the stock exchange. And all bank accounts, deposits, safes, bonds and treasury bills registered in their names by any of the banks subject to the supervision of the Central Bank or their accounts by mail.

This also came in implementation of the decision of the Committee on measures of reservation, inventory, management and disposal of funds of terrorist groups and terrorists during its session. Early last November, which included the approval of submitting the seizure order to the judge of interim matters to issue a reasoned order to seize funds. The accused elements and companies, while adding their money to the public treasury.

The names included a number of media outlets for channels opposing the Sisi regime abroad, most notably Moataz Matar, Abdullah Al-Sharif and Muhammad Nasser.

Revenge from the family of Abdullah Al-Sharif

The Egyptian authorities arrested my brother, the journalist, Abdullah Al-Sharif, after they raided and searched the family’s home in Alexandria, Egypt. This was in response from the Sisi regime to the episode of Sharif, which came under the title “The Choice,” in which a shocking leaked video was shown that exposed one of the Thunderbolt officers and what Sisi’s army is doing.

And Abdullah Al-Sharif wrote in a tweet on his official account on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan), which read: “The military militia stormed my father’s house in Alexandria. He searched it and arrested my brothers Amr and Ahmed Al-Sharif, in response to last Thursday’s video of the choice.

He continued, “We do not know anything about their fate or their places of detention.”

Many politicians and activists expressed solidarity with the Egyptian journalist and activist, and Dr. Abdullah al-Awda, son of the detained Saudi preacher Salman al-Awda, wrote: “I ask God to release them and every political prisoner, and to run the circle against the oppressors.”

The well-known satirical journalist and activist Tamer Jamal said: “God takes revenge on them and what prevents them from persisting in their injustice !! If we did not organize and resist, every Egyptian would be exposed to arrest, injustice and death.

He also continued calling on the Sharif to remain steadfast in his stance: “Confirm the truth, God is greatest, and the nation is for the Prime Time Zone.”

While Dr. Mohamed Al-Sagheer, the well-known Egyptian preacher and advisor to the Minister of Endowments, tweeted during the Morsi era, expressing his solidarity: “Our Lord preserves you by preserving him and all your loved ones and rescuing them.”

A video clip broadcast by Abdullah Al-Sharif on his YouTube program caused a sensation, showing inhumane scenes. A young army officer represents the corpse of a Sinai resident, before burning his body and burying it. In a desert region in northeastern Egypt.

Al-Sharif said that the officer took this video to brag about his action, before it leaked and he received a copy of it.

The video also sparked a wave of anger on social networking sites between politicians and activists, calling for an investigation. Incident and punish the officer involved.

Others said that the video witnessed the army and police policy of liquidating the forcibly disappeared, and then claiming that they were. They were killed in a shootout.

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