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The wife of the artist Ahmed Saad sparked controversy among activists on social media, by acting on the air in their first media appearance.

Kisses on the air between Ahmed Saad and Alia Bassiouni!

Model Alia Bassiouni kissed Ahmed Saad’s hand after he sang to her on the air, while hosting them on the (90 Minutes) program on Al Mehwar TV, presented by the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba.

Ahmed Saad mentioned that he was the one who wrote this song, and sang it for the first time on the program to his wife, and Basma Wahba joked, saying: (I am the one who wrote it, but I will take her right from you), which made his wife accept his hand at this moment on the air and said: (Oh my soul).

Ahmed Saad responded by kissing his wife’s head, and the lyrics of the song said: (Finally, we will live together, you and I, we will not be separated by greater strength and sleep and wake up on the henna and shed it in my heart from the inside).

It tastes beautiful

Ahmed Saad mentioned in the meeting that his wife has a beautiful taste in clothing, adding: (All her owners ask her about their clothing, and she is a dictator beyond description in dress and taste, and she chose for me all the needs that are in the cupboard).

Alia Bassiouni answered Basma Wahba’s question about what she liked the most about her husband before their engagement, and she replied: (It’s delicious and I simplify the Prime Time Zone who have a personality in the sitting and he has charisma and enters any situation we feel in him).

And she continued: (But it was similar to me that he was moody and liked challenges, he used to appear and disappear, so the disappearance provoked me, the first thing I knew and he disappeared, I was able to know the place where he would sing, so I used one of my friend who loves him).

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Ahmed interrupted her, saying: I was singing and staring at Prime Time Zone, and I met her in front of me, and I love surprising things.

And his wife continued, “When he saw me, I decided to walk, he put the mic and said, Where are you going? Where are you going?! Will you go early? Why?! All this is in front of Prime Time Zone, at that time he was singing about your love, my friend, so I became happy.”

irony and criticism

Alia’s kiss to Ahmed Saad on the air sparked ridicule and controversy among activists, so the comments came: (Pancreas, Ya Alia).

And another wrote: (May God entrust your spleen and all your members).

toxicity of wood

While another defended Alia and wrote: (A man kisses his wife’s hand or a woman kisses her husband’s hand..they are all like each other. There is no one permissible and one forbidden. Why is it that when a man kisses his wife’s hand is considered love and romance, and when a woman accepts her husband’s hand is considered an insult and humiliation!!).

Another expected that their marriage would not continue because of Ahmed’s stories with his three previous wives, and he wrote sarcastically:

Another mocked: (Boss hands laughed at the beards, meaning it was all a lie with a lie).

In another context, the Egyptian artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, was involved in the pictures that she published after the marriage of her ex-husband Ahmed Saad. It caused a sensation at the time and topped the trend with the mysterious image that she published after the spread of pictures of Ahmed Saad’s marriage contract.

Sumaya al-Khashab appeared in the photo she posted on Twitter, making a movement with her hand as if explaining the size of something, and the picture was not attached to any comment.

Then I followed her with a comment in which she wrote, directing her words to her followers: (I love you very much).

Some considered that Sumaya al-Khashab slandered Ahmed Saad with a special order, and that this movement was a crude suggestion.

Khashab toxicity to investigation

This made the captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, express his displeasure and anger at the image.

toxicity of wood
toxicity of wood

Zaki said in a phone call to the program (Hadrat Al-Citizen) on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, that the General Federation of Trade Unions took a decision regarding the exchange of artists on social media, explaining that the artist who violated another right would be transferred for investigation and expelled from the union if he was found guilty.

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On the image of Sumaya al-Khashab, Zaki confirmed that he will discuss the matter and refer it to investigation, commenting: (We are supposed to be the soft forces and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi spoke today about the value of art and creativity and the value of the Egyptian artist and his status among the whole world).

Zaki stressed the importance of not offending Egypt and the art profession, to which artists are proud to belong, as he put it.

Sumaya al-Khashab: Clarify the intentions

For her part, Somaya al-Khashab denied that the photo she published was an implicit comment on Ahmed Saad’s marriage contract.

Al-Khashab published a picture of her on her Facebook account, and commented: “Purity of intention and inner peace are the two most important elements to reach the highest levels of success. Believe in yourself, you will achieve everything you are in.”

And she wrote in a tweet via her account on (Twitter): (I am not responsible for any bad intentions that do not belong to me unless I declare them. The purpose of it is to stir up sedition, and all screenshots and responses to it are fabricated. Shot because it is all fabricated and installed by social media pioneers).

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