Aiten Amer shocked her audience with a look without pants! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Egyptian actress, Aiten Amer, shocked her fans, with an unusually bold look in her latest photo session.

(I forgot my pants)

Aiten Amer published her photos through her official account on (Instagram), in which she appeared in a short white shirt, a black jacket, a brown bag and black high-heeled shoes, and adopted a loose curly hairstyle.

Aiten Amer attached the photo with a comment in which she only said: (Hello), referring to her clothes coordinator, beautician and hairdresser responsible for her appearance.

Aiten was criticized and attacked by her followers who were accustomed to her conservative looks, so the comments came: (You forgot the pants, keep in mind).

Another wrote a similar comment: (My lips remain, I forgot to put my pants on).

Another mocked the shape of her feet and wrote:

Another agreed with him, saying: (Your feet are not nice).

And another asked in his comment: (Is this country all of its women riding black, why are you guys?).

A mysterious threat to Aiten Amer

In another context, Aiten sparked controversy because of a mysterious message she posted on her official account on Facebook, without indicating who this message was directed to.

And Aiten wrote two weeks ago: (You are not able to send me threatening messages from inside Egypt, because you know that it has a large and there is a law, so you answer numbers from outside Egypt and send us these messages to you this stupidity).

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And she continued: (Okay, let’s go, this country is a country of law, and whoever is right has a right to take it, if he has a right. There is no useful position or money. The voice of truth is loud and audible, and even if you knew, you would shut up a few Prime Time Zone who spent their money in 4, you will not be able to them).

Aiten concluded: (All of it is subdued, and the truth will appear, it will appear.. He who has it, our Lord, walks on water).

After that, Aiten raised suspicion with a post after him in which she wrote: (The 5 is 105 and an increase is yellow).

Aiten Amer shocked her audience with a look without pants! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock

Aiten attacks her sister and uses Radwa El-Sherbiny

Aiten accused her sister, artist Wafaa Amer, of destabilizing the woman’s stability because of the latter’s statements on the “Al-Hekaya” program with the Egyptian media, Amr Adib, on MBC Egypt.

Aiten republished part of her sister’s meeting, Wafaa, in which she talked about the divorce, and commented: (I did not tell about what is said, I am accusing the artist Wafaa Amer and the singer Amina of destabilizing the woman’s stability), making a reference to the media, Radwa El-Sherbiny.

Wafa had spoken during the meeting about the Egyptian society’s view of women, saying that it considers her to be in second place, whether from men or from her neighbours.

Wafa pointed out that divorced women are no longer oppressed in Egypt, especially with the presence of the Supreme Council for Women.

On the possibility of her requesting a divorce from her husband, producer Muhammad Fawzi, Wafaa Amer replied: (I will never ask for a divorce, if he does what he does, no matter what he does, he has many needs that I would like to do in my heart).

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In response to Amr Adib’s question (even if he betrayed you?); She said: Wafa: (I will be the reason, surely I will be the reason, and I thank God, my husband is not a traitor, I am my husband, no, Muhammad cannot betray me).

And when Amr asked her: (Do you think that if the man betrayed, would she still be the reason?); The Egyptian actress replied: (She is not the one who takes her husband’s mobile and sits looking for it? Why does it mean? Our Lord said (O you who believe, do not ask about things if they appear to you), and after that, she would ask you when she confronts you.

Aiten Amer and her husband, director of photography, Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab, celebrated the 6th anniversary of their marriage a few months ago, and published photos documenting romantic moments between them.

Aiten Amer published pictures on Instagram, in which she appeared alongside her husband, Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab, embracing and kissing him in a home garden, and in front of her a cake for the occasion. The kiss sparked public criticism and angry comments.

And Aiten Amer wrote on the photos: 6 years and still complementary .. I wish you a whole life, my love, and may God not deprive me of you.

Aamir and her husband

It is noteworthy that the husband of the Egyptian artist, Aiten Amer, was not known to the public.

After the star Aiten Amer finished filming the movie “Zanqa Stat”, she surprised her fans by announcing the news of her engagement to him, and the marriage took place a few days later.

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