Al-Ahly fans attack Mohamed Salah, and the reason is?! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Al-Ahly fans attacked the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, 28, the Liverpool striker, sharply on social media during the past hours.

It came due to the latter’s ignoring Al-Ahly’s crowning of the tenth African Champions League after its victory over the South African club Kaizer Chavez.

Al-Ahly and Mohamed Salah fans

Watan website monitored a number of tweets on social networking sites that attacked the Egyptian star Salah, where one of the Al-Ahly fans said: “Today is the night of Eid, but I am in two words crammed into my Zuri, and I will say to them, from today, I do not know Mohamed Salah who?”

She added, “Last year, the match was between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and we said that it is not a problem because it does not lose the masses, but Al-Ahly wins the championship against Kaizer Chavez, and you are not happy with that, and you will lose Al-Ahly fans, you and your likes!”

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While another fan commented, “Salah did not congratulate the African champion for the second year in a row, the third in the world, and the undisputed African champion. Unfortunately, Al-Ahly burns many Prime Time Zone.”

Another fan disagreed in his tweet, “If Captain Salah congratulates Al-Ahly, you are welcome. No”.

Mohamed Salah is neutral

Another said in his tweet to him, “Mohamed Salah congratulated Zamalek before that? No hope, you are upset. The man is a neutral man, and the conclusion is to congratulate Al-Ahly. Anyone who will not increase or decrease the value of Al-Ahly will not increase or decrease the value of Al-Ahly.”

And caused Mohamed Salah to rape the Egyptian Al-Ahly fans, who attacked him after his position not to congratulate Al-Ahly fans by winning the African Champions League for the tenth time in the history of his career and the second in a row, amid expectations of many Al-Ahly fans waiting to congratulate Mohamed Salah, which the latter did not do.

Al-Ahly and Kaiser Chavis

The Egyptian Al-Ahly team defeated its southern African rival, Kaizer Chavez, in the final round of the African Champions League, with three clean goals without a response.

Al-Ahly team’s goals were scored by Mohamed Sherif, the tournament’s top scorer with 6 goals, and the player Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, and Omar Al-Sulayya, in a match that witnessed the strength and control of the Al-Ahly team against its rival Kaiser at the Mohammed VI Stadium in Casablanca in Morocco.

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