Al Buraimi Cafes in the Sultanate of Oman offer juices for breastfeeding customers! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Omani news accounts stated that the phenomenon of serving drinks in restaurants and cafes to customers with bottles intended for drinking milk for children has reached the Buraimi Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman.

Juices in baby bottles

The Oman Al-Hadath account, via Twitter, stated that juices in infant formula had reached Al-Buraimi Governorate. And specifically in the “X5” cafe, amid the discontent and discontent of the citizens.

Omanis are angry

The Omani researcher, Harith Al-Seifi, wrote: “I am surprised by the news of the spread of this type of bottles in several countries as a kind of fashion. Pictures have spread of the beginning of the arrival of this failed fashion to Oman. That is why I ask the concerned authorities to prevent its spread in the country, as it contravenes the norms, sobriety and prestige of society! ”

Another demanded the municipality of Al-Buraimi Governorate and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to intervene, and wrote: “If the news is true, it is in Al-Buraimi Governorate!” We hope that the municipality will intervene and prevent such boxes, even if the ministry intervenes to prevent this phenomenon that is foreign to our society. We hope to eliminate it before spreading, because it is a useless infection !! Please intervene quickly! ”

Activist Al-Suhad Al-Busaidi wrote: “Where will this nation lead, the helper God? To what extent and scheme are our men intended before our women? Is it a plan to keep men as children who are not tightened by their backs or their forearms? They do not have a benefit for themselves and their country, their condition regarding the condition of the child who is bathed and given milk in the breastfeeding, or what? Where is the nation of Muhammad going? ”

Al-Taher Al-Busaidi called on the competent authorities to quickly intervene, and said: “I hope that one of the monitoring authorities intervenes to stop it. This decline, the silence of this decadence, is evidence of acceptance of the change in the ideology of societies that has become in the hands of homosexuals.

Consumer protection is involved

Meanwhile, activists stated that the Consumer Protection Department in Al Buraimi Governorate has banned the product, as it is contrary to customs. Traditions and values.

The phenomenon of providing coffee with bottles intended for drinking milk for children began a few days ago in a café in Dubai, in the UAE

A number of the tweeters also indicated that the photos were taken from Dubai, specifically from the One Million Cafe.

According to the photos circulating on social media, the drinks provided by the café were placed inside. Milk bottles before serving them to customers.

The images sparked controversy on “Twitter”, as some considered them a new and innovative idea for promotion and marketing, as they considered it. Some are not suitable to attract more customers without regard to the quality of the product or the way it is presented.

It is worth noting that the judicial authorities in the Sultanate of Oman are launching a campaign against indecent behavior and content.

The Sultanate of Oman recently issued court rulings against some celebrities for the offensive content of their posts. They were charged with breaching public morals.

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