Al-Hefnawi wins the first gold medal for Arabs in swimming at the Tokyo Olympics (watch) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Tunisian swimmer Ahmed El Hefnawy, 18, won the gold medal, after his brilliant performance in the 400-meter freestyle, at the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2021”.

El Hefnawy and the gold medal

Tunisian El Hefnaoui set a record time of three minutes and 43 seconds, ahead of his Australian rival Jack McLaughlin by 0.16 seconds and American Kieran Smith by 0.58 seconds.

The competition witnessed the Tunisian player Hefnaoui topped the race leaders and was the first to arrive in the sport of swimming, to win the gold medal after his runner-up Chase Kailich in the 400m miscellaneous.

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It was not the first medal that Tunisia won in the Tokyo Olympics of resistance in the Japanese capital, “Tokyo.” He was preceded by the coronation of his compatriot, Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi, yesterday, Saturday, with the silver medal in the taekwondo competition, weighing 58 kg.

El Hefnawy and preparations for the championship

The Turkish city of Antalya witnessed the last preparations for the Tunisian swimmer Hafnawi before his first participation in the Olympic Games, and the player will also run in Tokyo in the 800m race.

The former Tunisian swimming champion Osama Mellouli, who won two gold medals in the 1500 meters freestyle at the Beijing Championships in 2018 and the London Championships in 2012, had previously written about his compatriot Hafnawi.

He said: “Al-Hefnawi could climb to the podium in the Paris 2024 Olympics, and Los Angeles in 2028, but the Hefnawi player won gold medals and crowned early.”

The second gold medal in less than two months is for El Hefnawy, who last month won the 400-meter freestyle gold in the French Championships with a time of three minutes and 46 seconds, and had previously achieved the 800 meters time of seven minutes and 45 seconds.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian swimmer Al-Hefnawi studies at the French Institute of Sports Pierre de Coubertin, and receives training with the Tunisian national team under the training of coaches Sami Ashour and Jibril Al-Taweli.

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