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A photo published by the Egyptian artist Liqa’ Al-Khamisi, sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites.

Al-Khamisi’s meeting appeared semi-naked in the photo that she posted and only commented on it with the phrase: “Enjoy every moment.” This sparked critical comments from followers on the photo.

“Liqaa” had published pictures from her trip to Croatia, and she appeared to be wandering around the tourist sites there.

Al-Khamisi meeting .. “Against the break”

On the other hand, the artist spoke about her role in the series “Against Al Kasr”, which was shown last Ramadan 2021.

Al-Khamisi said that the role she played reflects a real personality in society, stressing that her character in the series was sick, noting that her role in the series added a lot to her.

Al-Khamisi’s meeting explained that she was playing the role of “Nadine”, who loves a married person and wants to reach him, stressing that she has “Nadine” in her life, and she does things from her point of view that she considers real.

She stated that her husband, Captain Mohamed Abdel Monsef, was very happy and liked the role very much, but he was sometimes afraid of her because of “Nadine” because he saw her with a different personality than the person he deals with.

Liqa expressed her wish to present a theatrical work because it is the place where she forgets all the pressures, as she said, adding: “It is my second home and I hope in particular to present a theatrical performance as it is presented in Europe and America.”

And about the artist who wishes to meet Al-Khamisi to embody her life story, she said: “I was hoping to present the life story of the artist Soad Hosni, but it was presented by actress Mona Zaki.”

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