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Al-Khamissi’s meeting resembles her husband, Abdel-Monsef, with goalkeeper “Noir”, after he stopped Al-Zamalek’s penalty kick A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian actress celebrated the meeting of Al-Khamisi, 42, after her husband, Mohamed Abdel-Monsef, was brilliant in countering the penalty kick obtained by the Egyptian team, Zamalek, in the penultimate minute.

From the end of the original game time. And depriving the team of snatching three points at the expense of Wadi Degla.

He also posted a picture of her husband, with German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer next to him. Expressing her deep admiration for her husband, Abdel-Monsef. After his brilliance in front of the Egyptian Zamalek.

The artist published a picture of her husband through her account on the “Facebook” platform. As a matter of support, encouragement and standing next to her husband.

Goalkeeper of the Wadi Degla team, Mohamed Abdel-Monsef. And put some red hearts in the post.

The Egyptian actress tweeted to meet Al-Khamisi again through her account on Twitter, saying: “Habibi is not happy, he is the truth. This is in your brain, add blackness to my hearts. ”

And the artist added: “My beloved Prime Time Zone shook your height and show us your great accomplishments instead of you stretching your honorable man and the workers of Tufti, the man who does not hide behind the device of bashtum, the man who is hardworking who believes himself and no matter what he faces from bullying is complementary in a dream he lived Osa.”

The artist topped the Khamisi meeting with the Egyptian Trend “Google” after commenting on the response of her husband, the goalkeeper of the Tigris Valley team, Mohamed Abdel-Monsef. Support and encouragement for him.

The penalty kick and a great save

The referee was also calculated for the meeting between the Zamalek team and its rival, Wadi Degla. A penalty kick in the 87th minute of the match, by returning to the mouse technique. After the mistake was committed by a defender in the Wadi Degla team, Hussam Arafat. After touching the ball with his hand.

The golden opportunity comes for the Egyptian team, Zamalek, to stand alone at the top and deepen the difference with the closest competitor. The traditional rivals Al-Ahly of Egypt. Who succeeded after returning to the league competitions hard-fought victory over Ktaaleh Al-Jaish in the last minutes with two goals to one goal.

But Zamalek wasted the ball with the ingenuity of the Tigris Valley goalkeeper in tackling it, the 44-year-old Egyptian player, Mohamed Abdel Monsef. Which substitute player Abdullah Jumaa wasted. The match ends in a goalless draw for both opponents.

Details of the match between both teams

The Egyptian League leaders’ team imposed the current season, “Al-Zamalek Al-Masry”. Take control of the first half. With 24-year-old Moroccan striker Ashraf Bencharki trying to score his fifth goal after the Wadi Degla defense made a mistake. But the player failed to take advantage of it.

The Wadi Degla goalkeeper managed to tackle it with his feet, failing that attempt by rival team Zamalek of Egypt. The opponent team also relied on quick counter-attacks in order to reach the Egyptian goal, Zamalek. And the danger posed by him throughout the events of the first and second half of the match.

League standings

The Egyptian team, Zamalek, is at the top of the standings with 30 points, after their victory over Al-Ismaili Al-Masry, with two goals to one. Lonely to maintain the top of the standings.

The former defending champion Al-Ahly of Egypt came with 24 points. One point difference from the Egyptian El-Maqsat, which ranks second with 23 points from the ranking table of the Egyptian Premier League.

And in fourth place Al-Masry Al-Borseidi, with 22 points. One point difference from the clearing Egypt team. Equal to the Egyptian team, Enppi, with the same points, in fifth place in the ranking table.

While the Ceramica Clio Patra team came in sixth place with 21 points, and in seventh place, the Egyptian team El Gouna came with 20 points, four points ahead of Al-Ahly and two points, Ceramica in the table.

Pyramids and Smouha retreat

It also occupies seventh place, the retreating Pyramids team, in the Egyptian league standings, with 19 points, equal to that of its rival Enppi Al-Masry, who ranks eighth with 19 points.

In ninth place, the Egyptian Smouha team comes with 18 equal points. It is also equal with the Alexandria Union with the same number of points, which occupies the tenth place in the Egyptian ranking table.

The contractors and the vanguards of the army retreated

Aswan team ranks eleventh with 17 points. Equal to Mahalla yarn with the same points, which occupies the twelfth place.

The Arab Contracters team ranks thirteenth in the league table with 14 points, while Tali’i El-Jaysh comes in fourteenth place with 12 points.

As for the fifteenth place, the National Bank team comes with 10 points. With the Ismaili team and the Tigris Valley retreating to the bottom of the standings with 9 points for Ismaily. Wadi Degla scored 7 points in the Egyptian Premier League this season.

And Zamalek’s Egyptian striker, the skilled Youssef Ibrahim, known as “Youssef Obama,” is also occupied. Top scorer in the Egyptian league.

Equal to the Egyptian player Ahmed Samir, who is tied with the same goals with 7 goals. After his success in scoring the wonderful goal from a fixed free kick in the net of Al-Ahly of Egypt.

And in the third place came the Egyptian player, Hossam Hassan, in the Egyptian Smouha team. As well as Omar Kamal in the ranks of Al-Masry Al-Busaidi, with 6 goals.

As well as the player in the Egyptian team Ceramica Cleo Patra, Sherif Dabo, with the same number of goals. Pyramids player Ramadan Sobhi is in third place with 5 goals.

Equal to: the Ethiopian Shimlis Bekele, the Egyptian clearing player. And Tanzanian John Buko, who plays for the Egyptian team Enppi.

Moroccan player Ashraf Bencharki, player of the Zamalek team, is ranked as the top scorer, after them with 4 goals. Equally with the Egyptian Al-Ahly player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, famous for “Kahraba”, as well as his colleague Mohamed Sharif with the same goal score.


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