Al-Mashat: We look forward to more partnerships with Switzerland in the framework of promoting the sustainable development goals


Paul Garnier: We are keen to boost Swiss companies’ investments in Egypt

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, received Switzerland’s Ambassador to Cairo Paul Garnier, and the Minister of International Cooperation was keen to thank the Swiss ambassador on the occasion of the end of his tenure in Egypt, praising the fruitful cooperation between the Egyptian and Swiss sides during the ambassador’s term in office, stressing the depth of relations that links Egypt and Switzerland.

During the meeting, Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, discussed with the Swiss ambassador the new cooperation program between Egypt and Switzerland (2021-2024), which is to be launched soon between the two sides.

The two sides also discussed the most important proposed areas that will be focused on within the framework of the Egyptian government’s priorities, especially in the sectors of environment, new and renewable energy, and women’s empowerment. During the meeting, they also discussed the possibility of conducting field visits to some projects implemented with the Swiss side, which cover many sectors such as environment, urban development and others.

The meeting touched on reviewing the executive steps of the project to improve drinking water in eastern Aswan city, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development.

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat praised the strategic relations at the level of economic cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Switzerland, which extend for more than four decades and resulted in many cooperation agreements in various fields, stressing the strengthening of the participation of the private sector in development efforts, through international partnerships, especially directed funds. to stimulate the transition towards a green economy; She pointed out that the current year is the year of providing more opportunities for the private sector to participate in development plans, especially through green financing tools, which have gained great momentum at the level of international institutions, within the framework of the trend towards protecting the planet from climatic changes, and supporting the transformation towards the economy. the green.

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat indicated that the Ministry of International Cooperation seeks to develop and strengthen relations with multilateral and bilateral development partners through the three principles of economic diplomacy, which are the platform for joint coordination cooperation, matching development financing with the UN goals for sustainable development, and listing international partnerships, expressing aspiration for more. From partnerships with the Swiss side, within the framework of promoting the national development agenda and the United Nations sustainable development goals, as well as supporting the participation of the private sector through international partnerships.

For his part, the Swiss ambassador to Cairo thanked the Egyptian government and the Minister of International Cooperation for the fruitful cooperation during his tenure, in order to strengthen relations between the two countries, despite the challenges facing the world due to the Corona pandemic.

The Swiss ambassador affirmed his country’s keenness to enhance Swiss companies’ investments in Egypt, including the available projects being implemented under the partnership system with the private sector, in addition to contributing to the development of the railway system in Egypt.

Over the past year, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, held meetings with a number of officials from the Swiss side, including the Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Federal Adviser and Minister of State for Swiss Economic Affairs, representatives of the business community and the Swiss Parliament, as well as the Swiss Ambassador , to discuss the development of bilateral relations.

It should be noted that the partnership between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Switzerland extends for more than 40 years, as the Swiss side contributed more than 700 million Swiss francs to finance the implementation of more than 200 projects, in many development sectors and the private sector. During 2017, the joint strategy for cooperation was launched in 2017. -2020, to support the national development agenda in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030. While the ongoing development cooperation portfolio between Egypt and Switzerland amounts to $59.06 million in grants to finance 7 projects, in the fields of industry, urban development, drinking water, housing, waste management, communications and health.

The article Al-Mashat: We look forward to more partnerships with Switzerland in the framework of promoting the sustainable development goals was written in Al Borsa newspaper.