Al-Sisi raises his image and provides half a billion dollars in aid for the reconstruction of Gaza | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, announced, on Tuesday, the provision of aid worth half a billion dollars to contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza.

Sisi offers $ 500 million to Gaza

This happened after the bombing of buildings and infrastructure during the military confrontations between the Israeli army and Hamas.

In this context, the spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency, Bassam Radi, said in a Facebook post that “President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announces that Egypt will provide $ 500 million as an Egyptian initiative earmarked for reconstruction in the Gaza Strip as a result of recent events.”

He pointed out that “specialized Egyptian companies will participate in the implementation of the reconstruction process.”

Activists attacked the Sisi regime and its pro-Israel policies, noting that this aid comes to beautify the face of his oppressive regime, just as Mohammed bin Zayed does in the UAE, who is pro-occupation and supports it by all means and at the same time he makes statements in support of Palestine that are no more than a (media show).

On Tuesday, Sisi participated in the French capital, Paris, in a tripartite summit at the Elysee Palace on developments in the Palestinian territories, with the participation of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, who participated through video conference technology.

Egypt is mediating between Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire in coordination with other countries, including the United States and Qatar, according to Agence France-Presse.

The announcement of this aid comes hours after the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced that 65 tons of medical aid would be sent to Gaza to help treat the injured.

On Monday, 26 trucks carrying food aid crossed from Rafah, Egypt, to the Gaza Strip, according to sources at the border crossing, who indicated that 50 ambulances were also sent to the crossing to receive the wounded Palestinians.

In its statement, the Ministry of Health said that 11 hospitals in Egypt, including six in Cairo, with 900 beds and 3600 medical personnel, were equipped to receive the wounded Palestinians.

The aid comes as Israel intensifies its bombardment of the Strip, where at least 212 Prime Time Zone were killed, including 61 children.

More than 1,400 Prime Time Zone have been wounded since the strikes began in response to Hamas firing rockets from Gaza at Israeli cities.

On Monday, the strikes included the only center for coronavirus tests in the Strip and the Qatar Red Crescent headquarters.

The United Nations says the conflict has displaced more than 40,000 Palestinians from their homes, while 2,500 others have lost their homes due to the bombing.

The Emirates has become a new Israeli settlement

The UAE has designated a wing for the Israeli occupation state in the Arab Travel Market in Dubai, which was inaugurated the day before yesterday, Sunday.

Arab Travel Market

This step sparked great anger among activists on communication sites against the rulers of the Emirates, and exposed their contradictions and their claim to support the Palestinian cause.

The exhibition’s activities began on Sunday, with the participation of regional and international specialists in the field of travel and tourism at the Dubai World Trade Center.

A picture showed a wing of the Israeli occupation in the Arab travel market, despite the aggression it is waging on the entire Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Gaza and the occupied territories in 1948.

The preacher of Sheikh Zayed Mosque calls for Al-Aqsa

Activists have previously circulated a video clip documenting part of the Eid sermon, inside the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the UAE, by the mosque preacher, Abdul Rahman Saeed Al Shamsi, in which he calls on God to support Al-Aqsa and the Palestinians.

The preacher of the Sheikh Zayed Abdulrahman Al-Shamsi Mosque appeared on the pulpit and prayed with what he said: (Oh God, we begin our supplication with your praise and thanks, and prayers for the best of your servants, Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace and all his family and companions, God protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its Prime Time Zone from all evil.)

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Al-Shamsi continued his supplication to the Palestinians: (Oh God, be with our Prime Time Zone in Palestine, Lord of the worlds, O respondent to the supplication, is it not he who says, Glory be to Him? Call me, I will answer you?)

Mohammed bin Zayed and his brothers all raised their hands and believed in the prayer of Al-Khatib for the victory of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This clip caused sharp criticism of the rulers of the Emirates by activists who denounced the blatant contradiction in their positions.

Whereas, Mohammed bin Zayed, who appeared believing in the prayer of Al-Aqsa’s victory, was the same who concluded the despicable normalization agreement with the usurping entity last September.

The UAE has become a refuge and refuge for Israelis to relax and have fun in its hotels.

The UAE concluded many economic deals with the occupying entity, and the usurped products of Israel from the occupied lands began to flood their markets under the phrase (Made in Israel).

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