Algerian YouTuber Mona Hilali raises controversy by claiming to see the Prophet in a dream (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The well-known Algerian YouTuber, “Munia Hilali”, caused a wave of controversy among its citizens, after a video clip broadcast on her YouTube channel, in which she claimed to see the Prophet (PBUH) in a dream.

In the clip, which was monitored by (Watan), under the title “Praise be to God, who guided me”, Mona Hilali said: “The Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, is in a dream.”

She added that she decided to adhere to prayer and pray to God to respond to her guidance and to prove her on the path of truth and righteousness.

Revealing how she saw our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, in a dream, and the reason for her guidance and repentance was to God Almighty.

For Mona Hilali comments between disbelief and propaganda for her guidance, and between those who wish to be like her and meet the Holy Prophet.

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In the clip, Mona said that she used to browse different websites on her phone before bed, and that night, after turning off the phone, she fell asleep to find herself ascending to the sky: “Every sky has a different color, until I went to the layer of my head, but it was clear and I did not feel my body and smelled a scent. So sweet, I can’t describe it.”

And she continued: “To the extent that I felt comfortable and my soul felt light, and I heard a voice saying Monia, this smell is the smell of heaven, and I told my mother, she said to me, God willing, God bless, and in my mind I said dream and normal.”

And the next day, the Algerian YouTuber dreamed of another dream: “I saw something coming down from the sky, its bright white color, little by little. It looked like a man wearing a long egg abaya and a long beard, as if it were pure light, and I couldn’t see his features, and he said 3 times I am Muhammad, peace be upon him, He looks young, and I feel very comfortable.”

And “Munia” continued: “Oh God, give me, God willing, I will tell you, and I do not know how to express what I felt. My heart”

After the dream that the Algerian YouTuber talked about, she announced her return to the path of guidance and began to pray on time and asked the Almighty God to guide her to the path of righteousness and truth and to guide her to wear the veil.

Who is Mona Hilali?

It is noteworthy that Monia Hilali, 26 years old, of Algerian parents from Blida, was born in Switzerland.

She initially lived in her hometown, but after the separation of her parents, she and her brother were kidnapped by their father, where she lived her suffering and deprivation of her mother for 7 years in Algeria, according to a series of videos published by “YouTuber” on her channel on “YouTube”.

After that, she was able to escape from her suffering with her father and wife, to live with her mother in Switzerland, and then completed her studies, where she became a nurse, and then married a Turkish man.

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