Ali Al-Deek provokes the Syrians and “fingerprints with blood” in the election paper in favor of Bashar Al-Assad | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The well-known Syrian singer, Ali Al-Deek, sparked widespread controversy because of what he did to one of the polling stations in the Syrian presidential elections today, Thursday, as he supports Bashar Al-Assad.

Ali Al-Deek fingerprints blood in favor of Bashar al-Assad

Ali Al-Deek appeared in widely circulated photos, smiling blood on the electoral paper in favor of the president of the regime, Bashar al-Assad.

Al-Deek’s behavior in these futile, pre-decided elections sparked widespread anger among Syrians, the majority of whom oppose the tyrannical Assad regime that has completely destroyed Syria.

Ali Al-Deek talks about his meeting with Muammar Gaddafi

A few days ago, the Syrian singer Ali Al-Deek settled the truth about what was circulated earlier, about his obtaining a million dollars from the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in exchange for singing for him.

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Ali Al-Deek said in a video interview on the (Show the Story) program on the (Morgan) channel with Rabea Al-Zayyat media, that he was called (the singer of kings and presidents) because of this rumor, stressing that it is unfounded.

Ali Al-Deek said: (I met Muammar Gaddafi for the first time in Syria, inside the house of artist Duraid Lahham, and at that time he was impressed with my voice, and then he asked me to go to Egypt to meet him).

The Syrian artist indicated that he had already gone to Egypt and sat with Gaddafi and sang for him, stressing that the late president expressed his great admiration for the color that he presented, and told him that he reminded him of his beginning when he was going to work in the field and his diligence with his youth.

Backstage meeting Ali Al-Deek and Gaddafi

Ali Al-Deek revealed that his meeting with the late Libyan president was in the presence of Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, a former Libyan-Egyptian relations coordinator, and Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin, adding: (Ask him if you took any money from Gaddafi, or even asked him for any amount).

Regarding his belonging to a poor family, Ali Al-Deek stressed that this is also incorrect, and that his father owned a large restaurant at a cost of one and a half million dollars in Lattakia, Syria, and that their financial situation was good.

The Secret of Ali Al Deek Real Estate

Ali Al-Deek narrated the reason for stopping his program (Singing Tagnilek) on the (Al-Jadid) channel, and said: (The program’s budget was large because of the huge wages, and the decor of the studio in which it was filmed, so it was stopped as a result of many Lebanese channels going through financial crises).

When Rab’a Al-Zayat asked him about the secret of his owning many real estate, Ali Al-Deek explained that his financial situation is very good because he does not play gambling or drink alcohol, and that he likes to invest his money in real estate, and he owns many of them.

Ali Al-Deek is not the only celebrity who has been rumored to have obtained millions from Gaddafi. Activists on social media have renewed the news of the Kuwaiti media’s marriage, Halima Boland, with Muammar Gaddafi, coinciding with the investigations of the Public Prosecution in Kuwait in the case of (celebrity money laundering).

Marriage of Halima Boland and Muammar Gaddafi

According to the highly circulated news, Halima Boland submitted two marriage and divorce documents from the former Libyan president, Gaddafi, to confirm that the money entered into her accounts was caused by the advance of her marriage and the delay of her divorce.

Halima Boland published the news at the time and commented on it by saying: (All Prime Time Zone sent me this news, and my response is that it is false and has no basis in truth at all).

Halima Boland added: (May God have mercy on the king of the kings of Africa, the leader Gaddafi, and I will dwell in him in his spaciousness, and my greetings to my dear Libyan republic)

Halima Boland spoke in a previous television interview about the relationship she had with the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, and said that he was following the poetry she presented previously and was so attached to her that he honored her as the best Arab media, revealing that he was generous and compassionate with her.

Secrets of Muammar Gaddafi’s outrageous fortune

And a Dutch television investigation had previously exploded a heavy surprise regarding Gaddafi’s disappeared wealth, pointing out that 179 Libyan commercial planes transported billions of Libyan dollars in the dark.

The report revealed at the time that these planes were heading to South Africa in 2011, after the late Libyan President (Muammar Gaddafi) became aware of the seriousness of the popular revolution that toppled him and his regime a few months after the revolution against him.

The investigation, which caused an uproar in the Netherlands, removed the dust about the fate of billions of dollars of stolen Libyan money, and revealed remarkable results after more than 3 years of tracking many strings around the world, including facts described as dangerous.

The investigation came under the title (Searching for Gaddafi’s Billions), and was recently shown on the official Dutch television, according to (Al-Jazeera Net).

According to the investigation, (Gaddafi) did not trust international banks or bank checks, and he used to collect American dollars, which he distributed quantities of when the crisis in Libya intensified to several countries, including South Africa, where the money that reached this African country alone is estimated at 12.5 Billion dollar.

According to the investigation, the fate of much of this money is unknown, as it was collected in special containers upon arrival, and transferred to an unknown location in South Africa, and any official information about the arrival of Libyan private aircraft was removed from civil aviation records, and many strings that could be lost were lost. Find the location of the lost Libyan money.

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