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Ali Hamida, the repentant singer of “Lulaki” … disowned his songs and ended his life, thank God A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Adel Nafeh, the nephew of the late Egyptian singer Ali Hamida, said that his uncle had disavowed singing days before his death, last Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Adel Nafeh said while filming a video clip above the grave of his late uncle, that he was refusing to hear his songs in his last days.

Nafeh explained that he stayed with his uncle for 23 days in the hospital, during which he did not leave any obligatory or prayerful prayers.

He said that in his last days he was constantly remembrance and praying to God, and that he was constantly asking him to stay with him.

He continued that his uncle wanted to stay close to God, and that he learned from him because he used to remind those around him to pray, and that he was always thankful to God.

A video clip that Nafeh filmed above the grave of the late Egyptian singer, and was posted on Twitter, showed him sitting at the grave of his uncle. And pray for him with mercy and forgiveness, and ask those who follow to pray for him.

One of the tweeters on Facebook about Hamida’s death published a post about the Egyptian artist and his nephew, Adel Nafeh, and said. Nafeh noticed some distress and fatigue on his uncle Ali Hamida’s face, so he tried to relax him.

This is not the time for songs

He continued: “So he asked him to listen to a song for him recorded in the voice of one of his fans. She sent it to him to hear it in his sickbed, but he was surprised that he refused. As he told him, “This is not the time for songs … and he asked me to play Quran Majd with the voice of Sheikh Abdul Basit.”

The post included another post of the testimony of a companion of Ali Hamida, in which he said that after he had performed the afternoon prayer and read the evening remembrance prayer. He finished. Praise be to God after he pronounced the two testimonies, and then he died.

In his last days, the Egyptian artist Ali Hamida refused to stay in the hospital, and preferred to return to his home in Matrouh Governorate, in order to be next to his family and his family.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health had prepared benign treatment at the expense of the Egyptian state, while the man preferred to remain at his home.

Indeed, he used to receive his guests in his home, who placed a medical bed in his hall, which contained a device of oxygen and medical solutions.

Where the man preferred this embrace of family and loved ones to stay in the hospital.

Hamida earlier suffered from virus C, but recovered from it after the campaign launched by the Egyptian authorities against the virus.

Then the Egyptian artist showed symptoms of fatigue and illness, so he went to the Nasser Institute to find out that he had lung and liver cancer, and a major deterioration in his health.

Ali Hamida’s death

The famous Egyptian singer Ali Hamida passed away at the age of 55, after a long struggle with cancer, which struck him in the liver and gallbladder and spread to the lungs.

The government-owned Al-Ahram Gate website quoted Ashraf Zaki details of the last moments of a benign life who was torn apart by cancer.

The last moments of Ali Hamida’s life

And the head of the Artists Syndicate added that the deceased suffered during the past hours of pain after his illness became severe.

And Adel Attia, the sister of the artist, Ali Hamida, had earlier blamed the Musicians Syndicate through the “Sada Al Balad” website.

In his message, he said: “I blame the Syndicate of Musical Professions for not caring and completely ignoring one of its members who have enriched artistic life.”

He continued: “Especially because he suffers from financial hardship and there is no one standing next to him or helping him. I encourage all of Hamida’s fans to try to find a solution that can be done. To save him with it and improve his health.

Ali Hamida suffered from a health problem about a month ago, as a result of which he entered a Cairo hospital, before he was transferred to his hometown in Matrouh Governorate. Northwestern Egypt.

Ali Hamida suffering and cancer

Sources close to the artist, Ali Hamida, revealed a few days ago that he had suffered throughout the past years from the disease, especially after he recovered from the C virus. During the campaign launched by the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to combat the virus.

And the sources added that the artist, Hamida, stabilized her condition after that. But during the past days, he became more tired.

And when he had an atomic scan, it was found that he had a cancerous tumor in the liver and gallbladder and spread to the lungs.

Urgent intervention to save his life

The sources said that the health condition of the artist, Ali Hamida, necessitated his transfer to the Nasser Medical Institute for treatment, at the expense of the Egyptian state.

The same sources also confirmed that the health of the artist, Ali Hamida, is worrying and unstable.

He was also suffering from difficulty speaking and eating, according to the “seventh day”.

She explained that his condition was improving for a few times, and he was exchanging talks with those around him, but in general, he was in a deteriorating situation.

For his part, Ismail Hamida, the artist’s brother, said that his brother’s health crisis began with a gallbladder problem that led to chronic problems in the digestive system.

And he continued, during an interview with the Egyptian newspaper “The Seventh Day,” that after an atomic scan was done, a small tumor was detected in the liver and lung.

Who is Ali Hamida?

It is noteworthy that Ali Hamida has participated in acting in several films and has famous songs.

Among them is the song “Lolaki Ma Habibet”, which was widely popular and achieved the highest distribution rate in Egypt and the Arab world at the end of the eighties of the last century.

Ali Hamida is an Egyptian actor and singer, and one of the most prominent Egyptian generation music singers who emerged in the 1980s.

Hamida created his famous song “Loulaki”, led by music distributor Hamid Al Shairi and his band, when it was released in 1988. A very big revolution in the world of Arabic song for generation music.

Its existence was revived (and was considered a historical success) with more than 6,000,000 copies sold throughout the Eastern as well as Western world.

This massive amount of sale was considered to be an unprecedented record.

After that, Ali Hamida released several additional albums, including “Be Lee”, “Nadili” and others.

Then the Egyptian artist went to cinema to star in a movie for him called “Lolaki”, due to the devastating success of this song.

This prompted the production company to make this film, as well as another movie entitled The Birth of a Star.

Then the artist Ali Hamida gradually disappeared from sight and returned in the year 2000.

Hamida appeared as a guest of honor in the series “Wind Al-Madam”, as well as the series Nessma and Naseeb Sit-Com (2009) Guest of Honor, as well as singing the introduction and end of the series Al-Hodge.

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With tribute on Globo, Xuxa goes back to the past and falls into tears

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