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Ali Youssef shocked his fans after his crisis with Hind Al Balushi ignited A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Iraqi artist Ali Youssef surprised his fans with a fateful decision, after his marriage to Kuwaiti artist Hind Al Balushi witnessed many developments.

Ali Youssef retired

Ali Youssef announced his retirement from art, and wrote through his official account on “Instagram”: “I announce my retirement from art and singing … and I ask God for forgiveness and forgiveness.”

Ali Youssef closed the comment feature, to prevent the continuation of the attack he was subjected to in the past days due to his continued denial of his marriage to Hind Al-Balushi, despite the publication of documents confirming this.

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Ahmed Al-Saadoun confirms marriage

This came after the Kuwaiti journalist Ahmed Al-Saadoun appeared in a video clip in which he presented the marriage contract of Ali Yusef and Hind Al-Balushi.

Ahmed Al-Saadoun said: “I do not want to talk and interfere in personal matters, but I am the only person who has been with Hind and Ali since the beginning of the marriage story, and I must absolve me of my responsibility from this whole matter.”

Al-Saadoun indicated that in June of last year, he was in contact with Hind Al-Balushi in Kuwait, and Ali Yusef in Iraq, to ​​intervene regarding the consummation of their marriage in Kuwait. However, the circumstances of the spread of the Corona virus caused Ali not to attend Kuwait.

He continued: “I suggested to Ali and Hind that they marry abroad and then document the contract in Kuwait, and they arrived in Turkey. I was supposed to join them to be a witness, but I could not because they needed someone to end the contracts and ratify them in Kuwait.”

Hind Al Balushi is pregnant

Al-Saadoun confirmed that he was in constant contact with Hind Al-Balushi and Ali Youssef, both of whom were forced to return to their countries due to the Corona crisis, noting that there is an artistic work that brings them together that is not real.

Al-Saadoun continued: “Both of them are my friends and there is no disagreement between them and me. For me, she is a friend, sister and ten age, as well as Ali a dear friend. Therefore, it was my right to intervene to settle the matter. ”

For her part, Hind Al-Balushi responded to Ali Youssef’s divorce during a live broadcast, saying that she was pregnant from him, and for this reason she was forced to announce their marriage.

Hind Ali Youssef threatened that she would sue him for forgery and fraud, after their marriage contract was proven.

“I will sue you”

Hind Al Balushi said in a video clip of her on her “Instagram” account: “Adequacy, Ali Yusuf, is enough, son of assets. The marriage contract that you deny and say is not legitimate. If this is the case, then I will sue you, and I will go to Baghdad and file a case of forgery, fraud, fraud and defamation against you. ”

And she continued: “You know why, because it changed the power of attorney and our marriage contract, which was published by Kuwaiti media artist Ahmed Al-Saadoun. Hadoul, nothing for the evidence that I own, nothing for me to own, and you will not see Prime Time Zone after today. ”

Ali Youssef doubts the contract

Although Ahmed Al-Saadoun published the legal marriage contract, Ali Youssef still insisted on denial, and questioned the validity of the contract, saying: “Regarding what Ahmed Al-Saadoun said and the documents he published. I am Imarah Talaat and I say that there is no marriage contract that has been concluded in Turkey because it prohibits polygamy. I did not deny and said that he was in a marriage project, but it was canceled.

He also continued: “The documents you have are an agency that was going to Kuwait as a start to the marriage project. But disagreements occurred between India and I, and we separated. And everything was between us, whether a job or a marriage project that has ended.

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