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The Masarat Center has launched a new program called “Alternatives and Options,” which aims to host a number of representatives of factions, movements and groups spread in all Palestinian gatherings inside and outside the occupied homeland, who have perceptions of alternatives and options that are supposed to be adopted to get out of the comprehensive impasse in which the Palestinian cause is going through. It is not enough to curse the darkness, nor to describe the tragic reality. Rather, it is necessary to light a candle, and strive to crystallize solutions.

Despite the fact that the Palestinian cause remains alive after all the horrors, wars, massacres, destruction, death, displacement and racial discrimination that the Palestinian Prime Time Zone have been subjected to, and despite the continued presence of half of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone on their homeland, in an indication that the Zionist movement was defeated in terms of not achieving its project to liquidate and fragment the Palestinian cause. It has not completed achieving its goals, and its occupying entity is facing major and multiple crises, despite all forms of steadfastness and resistance, the last of which was the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel who opened a new horizon for the Palestinians, confirming that victory is possible if its conditions are met. Despite all that; The Palestinian cause is exposed to serious challenges and dangers, the most prominent of which is that the occupation is deepening, settler colonialism continues at great rates, and the political and geographical division, and most importantly institutional, deepens horizontally and vertically, with what threatens to remain and turn into separation, and that the plans for self- and external destruction continue, and perhaps what has happened spread discord. Following the arrest of Gilboa’s liberators through a rift between Nazareth and others, Jenin and others, and between the West Bank and Gaza, even those who raise national, revolutionary and religious banners; The alarm bell is sounding, before the success of zeroing in on the achievements of the free prisoners.

The most dangerous thing facing the Palestinian Prime Time Zone

The most dangerous thing facing the Palestinian Prime Time Zone is that their national project is not clear, and it is disputed over it. Opinions are actually divided between:

First: Who wants to reproduce the experienced, and to walk behind the reproduction of the Oslo option and negotiations, and to bet on the United States of America and the possibility of change in Israel that would allow the establishment of a Palestinian state to embody the so-called two-state solution.

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The mistake of this team is that it continues its path and choice despite acknowledging that it has reached a dead end, with evidence that it agreed to the issuance of decisions by the National and Central Councils stipulating the need to reconsider the relationship with the occupation and the agreements concluded between the organization and Israel, which were not implemented despite the passage of years on them, and the president’s repetition Mahmoud Abbas for statements about the necessity of dissolving the authority and handing over its keys to the occupation because it is an authority without authority, and that the occupation denies the agreements, and issued a decision in May 2020 to stop the implementation of the agreements, and then return from it after six months, in an indication of a loss of direction, a feeling of helplessness, and a lack of belief in the existence of alternatives And other options, leading to coexistence with the fait accompli imposed by the occupation, so that the only practical policy is to deal with this reality and try to improve it.

The de-facto policy manifested itself in betting on the Biden administration, although it is preoccupied with other files, and adorned the adoption of the “confidence-building” plan, the new version of economic peace commensurate with the strategy of managing the conflict without seeking to resolve it, at the same time that Israel’s policy aimed at completing the creation of The facts on the ground, which make the Israeli solution even more the only feasible and proposed solution.

This losing bet and harmful illusions continue even though the embodiment of the Palestinian state and the achievement of national independence have become, at least, 28 years after the Oslo Accords, farther from the realization than it was before its signing.

Second: Those who want to maintain their unilateral control over the Gaza Strip until circumstances and facts change, betting on the unknown, on political axes and groups, on regional and international variables that may occur, or on the possibility of realizing the promise of the hereafter with the demise of Israel next year according to prophecy or digital coincidences which has been around for thirty years.

The dilemma of this trend is that the variables can come and we are not able to invest in them, and they can complicate our matters more and more. It is true that the Middle East is on a date with change, and it may be accompanied by more chaos and violence for reasons related to it, or a reflection of the transitional process of change that the world is going through, where the old world led by the United States is collapsing, and the new world will be multipolar and China plays a role It is a big one whose features have not yet been determined, and it may not bear good fruits for us, but it may be at our expense if we are not ready and effective.

There is no resistance program

In fact, since the division occurred, we have no longer had a program of resistance, just as there is no longer a negotiation program due to the tyranny of the struggle over governance, authority, representation, leadership, decision, factional programs, the sharing of interests and managing the division over anything else, instead of the struggle to embody higher national interests, programs and national options. The resistance is not part of an integrated vision and program, and a tool to serve this program, but rather a tool to serve the continuation of the authority in the Gaza Strip, and to regulate its relationship with the occupation, within a truce equation in exchange for improving the conditions of the siege, to the extent that some supporters of this trend see the division as a blessing because the two options of resistance and settlement go smoothly. On two parallel lines that do not meet, and that the role of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone is only to keep the flame of the conflict alive. As for the joint political action program, it is just a tactic or the embodiment of the national minimum, as we no longer know whether there is any conviction in this program or whether its approval was just a tactic.

It is true that the battle of the sword of Jerusalem created the missing link between what is happening in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine, and that this was repeated by linking the prisoner exchange deal to the release of the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel, but this has not yet risen to the point of an irreversible strategic change, and the adoption of a national project to achieve goals Specific, on the path to achieving national rights, which entails a comprehensive resistance strategy, but rather appeared as a reaction to the cancellation of the elections, as it appears in the negotiations that have been taking place since the silence of the missiles last May regarding the return of things in the Gaza Strip to the way they were before the Battle of Sword of Jerusalem, Ie zeroing out the great achievements.

It is not possible to stay away from factional projects and reconsider the national project without placing the goal of ending the division at the head of the program of any faction, group, or even individuals, claiming that they are struggling to achieve national goals, so that it is not treated as a slogan far from being achieved, but through permanently incarnated on earth.

The struggle for Palestinian national unity

The struggle for national unity, as a law of victory, is not limited to deaf dialogues and agreements that are not implemented, but rather through building alternatives and options within the framework of a national project that seeks to implant itself among the Prime Time Zone, so that its main bet is not on achieving unity from above, but on imposing it from From the bottom up, by crystallizing a broad national front on the basis of an agreed national project, which includes the central national goal of our Prime Time Zone, the goal and priorities of each grouping, how to develop a plan to get rid of the Oslo Accord, which no longer exists Israeli for a long time, how to resist and when to negotiate, and how Can the Palestinian Prime Time Zone be mobilized in all their places?

Neither the national program nor the Palestinian cause should be dwarfed to be limited to the national independence of the state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but there are several pillars for it. The issue of refugees and their right to return, compensation and a dignified life until their return cannot be excluded, nor can the goal of equality for our Prime Time Zone in the 48 lands be excluded. As a step on the road to defeating the Zionist settler colonial project, and achieving a democratic solution on the entire land of Palestine.

There are those who say that the two-state solution is dead, and those who say that it did not exist in the first place among Israeli governments, and this is more correct and accurate, and there are those who say that there is no alternative to proposing a one-state solution, and this right may be intended as invalid by considering the occupation reality and the existing imbalance that is the one who He draws a national road map that starts from reality to change it, and is based on rights and dreams that do not change according to the balance of power. Rather, those who hold this view work to change it until it is achieved, even if it takes decades.

The reality in which we are living indicates that neither a settlement nor a two-state solution is at the door. The current balance of power does not allow this, nor the possibility of establishing a single democratic state, neither binational nor a state for all its citizens, nor Islamic or any other. A settlement that allows the establishment of a Palestinian state, and does not want to include the Palestinians so that they become citizens, but rather wants the current fait accompli: managing the conflict or reducing it according to the latest formula adopted by Naftali Bennett’s government, until conditions allow for the Israeli solution to be imposed, and this will only be achieved by liquidating the Palestinian cause from its various dimensions. By expelling more Palestinians through “voluntary displacement” by making their lives in their homeland more difficult, and cramming them into isolated ghettos from each other, and forced displacement to Jordan on the basis of solving the Palestinian issue at Jordan’s expense, and to Egypt by expanding the Gaza Strip at the expense of the Sinai desert .

Palestinian unity

Yes, the displacement of Palestinians is neither easy nor possible now, but it could become possible after 10, 20 or 20 years if we do not change ourselves.

We can walk a path that leads to the demise of the Zionist project if the Palestinians and their brothers and friends follow the path that will lead them to achieve their near and far goals. Whoever cannot end the occupation now – a goal that finds acceptance and support from most countries of the world – how can he imagine that he can remove Israel, a target rejected by most countries in the world?

Either resistance or negotiation

Finally, one must be careful not to fall into dichotomies: either resistance or negotiation; Either revolution, overthrow, radical change, or cosmetic reform that covers the ugly face; Either “Fatah” or “Hamas”; either government or elections; Either open resistance and dissolution of power or engaging in conflict management and reduction; Either a Palestinian state or a single state; Either elections are the solution and the magic wand, or elections to cover up the reality of the occupation and division.

There is an alternative and even alternatives based on a comprehensive vision that stems from reality and seeks to change it, that brings together all forms of struggle and political action, each in its time and feasibility, and seeks to end the occupation and embody independence without compromising natural and historical rights and goals. An alternative based on a national program that embodies the common denominators, and on partnership without exclusion, treason or infidelity, and without excluding anyone but clients. An alternative that seeks to achieve the maximum possible change in all fields and groupings, and at various levels and levels, including periodic elections, ending the division, rebuilding the institutions of the organization, changing the authority, forming a government of national unity, combating corruption, and establishing good governance; essential elements of it.

This alternative is a change greater than reform and less than a comprehensive and radical change, but it transfers the Palestinian situation from one case to another, and when the time comes for revolution and radical change whose conditions have not yet matured, then the rules of the game and conflict change. As for waiting for it and not doing anything or doing as little as possible, this contributes to the failure to reach revolution and change.

Hani Al-Masry

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