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The Lebanese actress, Qamar, reviewed her pregnancy again in a controversial way, after she announced it months ago, and attacked critics of her pregnancy without marriage.

(My darling is growing up)

And the Lebanese Qamar published a set of photos from the latest session she underwent, through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared wearing a beige bikini, and above it a fur coat, resting on a sofa in her house and sipping a hot drink.

Qamar attached the pictures to a comment in which she said: (My love is growing, my child).

Qamar appeared in her last months in the pictures, but her followers did not wish her safety as much as they repeated the same question (Who is his father?).

Qamar had topped the conversation about two months ago on social media, after publishing a new photo session, during which she suddenly announced her pregnancy without introduction.

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The Lebanese Qamar was subjected to a fierce attack from her followers, after she did not announce her marriage or the identity of the father of the fetus, which made her respond to each other.

The Lebanese Qamar wrote a long post through the feature (Al-Asturi) through her account on (Instagram), in which she demanded not to interfere in her private life.

Lebanese 1

Lebanese moon: my life is a red line

At the time, Qamar said: (Social media is a double-edged sword, and I have not once decided to be stingy about my fans with information about me, especially those who support me, but in the recent period strange things have happened.

And Qamar continued: (From the first day I announced my pregnancy, and you ask who is the father of the child, and who is pregnant, to the point of this collapse, you have the right to criticize my work, but my life is a red line).

Qamar continued her attack, saying: (Who are you to analyze and forbid, go learn from the West to civilize, and preserve the rights of mothers and children, and I have no problem with being a single mother (a single mother), and who is the man who abandons his responsibility).

(Holy Spirit)

And she continued: (Would you like to know who is the father of the child and I am pregnant by whom, pregnant from the Holy Spirit, God is with me! No one interferes, today any creature exists in life by God’s will, who are you to judge a soul created by God or deprive and analyze God’s creation.”

Qamar concluded her words by saying: (Who are you to analyze and forbid what you want, claiming religion and you are hypocrites and liars, I don’t have a problem being single mother and which one you will be as long as the man is not up to the responsibility, I want to say every time be strong and hold on to your children and raise your head and not be ashamed of You are the strength.

The son of the Lebanese moon, the grandson of Gamal Abdel Nasser

Months ago, the Lebanese Qamar raised the controversy again over the issue of the lineage of her only son, whom she gave birth to after her secret marriage to Egyptian businessman Gamal Marwan, director of Melody channels, who has not yet recognized him.

At the time, the Lebanese Qamar published a picture via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her official account via (Instagram), which was installed and her son was placed among both Jamal Marwan and the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

and Jimmy

And the Lebanese Qamar wrote in her comment on the photo: (Father, son, grandfather).

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Engy Khoury’s engagement

In another context, the famous Syrian controversial networking sites, Engy Khoury, known for her crisis with Qamar, announced her engagement suddenly, and revealed the date and location of the ceremony.

Engy Khoury published a bold photo that she collected with her fiancé via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her official account on (Instagram): (I did not want to tell you, but now I am happy, I will tell you, I am only from Lebanon, after 5 days of my engagement in Erbil).

And Engy continued: (I don’t tell you how sweet this feeling is, and his hands are happy, that God gave me the person who wants my heart, God’s goodness, and God blesses me and does not deprive me of it).

And Engy Khoury started talking about her fiancé, who suggested that the audience would be Iraqi, because the engagement would take place in Iraq, and she said: (It is the most precious thing in my life, and God will send you everything you love and bring good Prime Time Zone closer to you).

It is worth noting that Engy Khoury accused the Lebanese singer “Qamar” of kidnapping and threatening to kill her; As a result, Qamar filed 6 cases against her in the Lebanese courts, but Qamar denied her connection to the deportation of Engy Khoury from Lebanon.

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