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In a stunning disaster movie scene, a huge sandstorm, about 100 meters high, engulfed gardens, homes and buildings in Dunhuang, on the edge of the Gobi Desert in northwest China.

A majestic brown cloud enveloped Dunhuang City, famous for its rich history and located along the ancient Silk Road in Gansu Province.

A sandstorm covered the city in 5 minutes

A resident told local channel Jimo News that a huge sandstorm suddenly blew up and covered the city in just five or six minutes.

“I can no longer see the sun,” he said, stressing that Dunhuang had not witnessed such a phenomenon for several years.

“At first I found myself surrounded by yellow dust because of the sandstorm, then it turned red and eventually black,” he added.

Dunhuang is best known for its Mogao Caves, a group of Buddhist temples and wall paintings, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Sandstorms are common in the region in spring, but rare in summer, the China News Service said.

Typhoon “N-Fa” in China

China’s Shanghai business district and adjacent coastal areas canceled all flights, slowed or suspended subway service and closed shops as Typhoon N-Fa made landfall last Sunday.

China Broadcasting Corporation reported that the typhoon had reached Putuo District in Zhoushan City, a major port in Zhejiang Province, on the east coast.

This comes at a time when the central region of China is still suffering from the repercussions of massive floods that have killed at least 58 Prime Time Zone, cut off electricity and displaced more than one million Prime Time Zone.

The Meteorological Department said – earlier – that the hurricane was moving at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

She added that the wind speed in the hurricane was 38 meters per second. According to Reuters calculations, that equates to about 137 kilometers per hour.

Shanghai – with a population of about 26 million Prime Time Zone – and Hangzhou to the south, canceled flights from Saturday, and many train services were suspended in the region.

Flood deaths

And the floods in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou – last week – killed 12 Prime Time Zone after they were trapped in the subway network.

And in Henan Province, where unprecedented flooding this week killed at least 58 Prime Time Zone, authorities continue to work to remove car bodies and debris from roads to reopen them.

More than 495,000 Prime Time Zone were evacuated, according to the Henan government, as the floods caused billions of dollars in damages.

The China Meteorological Agency expects the typhoon to ease over land, but it will bring heavy rains for days in eastern China, including in flooded areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology said, “Extreme caution must be exercised and disasters that may result from extreme rains associated with N-Fa should be prevented.”

Climate change

China usually witnesses a rainy season, but record rains in Henan have raised doubts about the ability of Chinese cities to cope with these climatic phenomena, which experts expect will increase in frequency and intensity due to climate change.

Henan Province – like most parts of China – includes rivers, dams and reservoirs, many of which were erected decades ago in order to contain the flow of water and irrigate agricultural areas, but its construction dates back to decades, while the continuous urbanization of the city puts pressure on the drainage systems.

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