Amazon launches a series for the late football legend “Maradona”


The Amazon Prime digital platform is pleased to present a series about the biography of the late Argentine football legend “Diego Maradona”, which will address his achievements and the challenges he faced during his career in the world of football.

Amazon and Maradona series

Maradona’s series, titled “Maradona: sue?o bendito”, will be available in more than 240 countries exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video digital platform on the 24th of October.

The platform had launched the promotional advertisement for the series, where the first episodes of the series will be broadcast on that platform at the end of this month, and the last episode will be released on the 26th of November of this year.

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Maradona series details

This work is undertaken by three different actors, Nazarino Casero, Nicholas Goldschmidt and Juan Palomino, and he brought Maradona’s life to the screen in the various stages of his life.

In 10 episodes, each lasting an hour, the series reviews the history of Maradona. From his beginnings in Via Fiorito until reaching glory with FC Barcelona and Napoli, as well as the Argentina national team. With whom he won the World Cup in 1986 in Mexico.

Maradona Cup

The head of the Public Entertainment Authority in the State of Turki Al-Sheikh announced the holding of a historic match, called the “Maradona Cup”, which will bring together Barcelona and Boca Juniors in the Riyadh season.

Al-Sheikh also wrote, through his personal account on the social networking sites “Twitter”, saying: “A match for history and once in a lifetime.”

He added, “Only in the Riyadh season, the Maradona Cup. Between Barcelona and Boca Juniors, where the match will take place. On the 25th of next November, legends never die. Imagine more.”

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona passed away, on the 25th of November 2020, with the death of one of the greatest touches. Football Maradona passed away at the age of 60 after a heart attack, after he underwent surgery in a hospital in Argentina.

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