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Activists on social media circulated a video of the husband of American singer Jennifer Grout, Moroccan Said El-Zati, in which he revealed his wife’s escape with their daughter outside the country.

Said Elzati: I can’t pay the lawyer’s fees

The husband of the star of the third season of (Arab’s Got Talent) said that Jennifer Grout fled outside Morocco and their daughter fled to the United States of America, and she filed a lawsuit against him.

Saeed Zati hinted that his poverty was the reason for his wife’s escape with their daughter, asking for help from his followers in order to collect money to pay the lawyer’s fees and pay the maintenance of his child, in light of his inability to pay these expenses due to the impact of the Corona pandemic on him, like many artists, who do not work.

Al-Zati, a member of the Berber folklore troupe, thanked all the Prime Time Zone who helped him over the past period in paying his daily and living needs.

Delete the video!

The irony is that the video was deleted after its mysterious circulation, which sparked controversy over the truth of what was happening among the followers, some of whom questioned the truth of the story and accused the duo of looking for excitement and controversy.

While others considered Jennifer Groat’s behavior with her husband immoral, and that she left him because of poverty, and she must bear her husband’s circumstances no matter what happens.

And Jennifer Grout previously revealed in a press interview that she separated from her husband, without giving details of what happened.

Jennifer Grout’s love story and her conversion to Islam

Jennifer Grout was telling the story of her conversion to Islam and her marriage in a press interview with the Egyptian newspaper (The Seventh Day), and she said at the time: (I was born in Boston and grew up in an artistic family. 20 years in 2010).

And she continued: (I studied many other languages ​​before I began to sing in Arabic, and Arabic speech is not difficult, and I delved into Arabic music more and more until it was presented in the talent program Arab got talent, in its third season 2013 and got second place in the program and it was an important stage very much in my life.”

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Jennifer Grout pointed out that after the program, she performed a number of artistic concerts in Arab and European countries, lived for a period in Morocco, revived festivals and greatly deepened in Islam.

She added: (I converted to Islam, married and gave birth to my daughter, and after giving birth I moved away from social media and stopped singing for 3 years because I was convinced that music is forbidden, but my view began to change and I returned to music and singing again in March 2019, because there are always different opinions about music and no one knows The right way, but God guides us and forgives us all in the end.

Jennifer Grout: I broke up with my husband

About her love story and her marriage, Jennifer Grout said at the time: (I separated from my husband and I am no longer with him and I do not want to talk about him. As for whether my ex-husband was the reason for my entry into Islam, God guides whom He wills and guides whomever He wants to guide him to his way).

And she continued: (People around us can help us cross our path to learn more religion, and if someone helped me, she is my sister in faith, not my husband).

And about the sheikh you most like to listen to in reciting the Noble Qur’an, Jennifer replied: “I listen to Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, he is my favorite, and I love Surat Yusuf and Surat Al-Takwir, and every Surah has significance at different times in life, and my most beautiful moments were when I visited the Haram in Saudi Arabia.” ).

Jennifer Grout revealed at the time that she lives with her daughter in America, and teaches her music, adding: (But she has her own life and decides what she wants about her future, a singer or a doctor or even a dancer, I will help her in her decision).

Jennifer Grout wears the hijab

In another context, the pioneers of social networking sites had previously circulated pictures of Jennifer Grout, wearing the hijab, after the spread of a short video clip of her reciting Ayat al-Kursi in a voice that impressed viewers.

Jennifer Grout appeared in the pictures with a simple, modern veil, and retained her usual beauty, to surprise activists, especially since the news of her conversion to Islam was not circulated until the spread of the last video.

Jennifer Grout announced her conversion to Islam a few years ago, then married the Moroccan Saeed Al-Zati, and gave birth to their daughter (Qamar), and kept her out of sight for a while, despite her achieving wide fame in the Arab world.

About Jennifer Grout

Jennifer Grout (31 years old), launched into the world of stardom 6 years ago, and from the Arab world; Despite being an American, after her participation in the third season of the famous talent show (Arabs Got Talent), she delighted everyone with her angelic voice.

Jennifer Grout, fluent in Arabic songs, despite not being fluent in the language itself, impressed many with her voice, especially the artist Najwa Karam, a member of the jury (Arab’s Got Talent).

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