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Amr Adib is exposed to a terrible traffic accident, and these are the details of his health condition | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian journalist, Amr Adib, was exposed to a terrible car accident on Waslet Dahshur Road while returning from Media Production City after the end of his program, “The Story”.

Amr Adib’s car was damaged

And local media published pictures of the accident, in which it appears that it was strong, as Amr Adeeb’s car was badly damaged. Kabir after receiving a frontal blow from a truck loaded with gas tubes.

The investigations and investigations stated that the accident caused major damage to Amr Adeeb’s car. After a collision with a car loaded with tubes, the Egyptian broadcaster was transferred to Dar Al Fouad Hospital to receive first aid.

Amr Adeeb’s car was also seized, and the forces checked the cameras to examine the circumstances of the accident, and the forces took refuge. The driver causing the accident.

Amr Adib was taken to the emergency room

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan quoted medical sources from the hospital in which Amr Adib is located, as being in the emergency department. In hospital and in stable condition.

The sources stated that Amr Adeeb is undergoing medical examinations by orthopedic doctors at the hospital. Confirming that he is in a stable health condition, and that he will undergo a full x-ray after an initial examination to ensure his safety.

Video from the accident site

A member of the Amr Adib program team posted a video clip on his Facebook account from the scene of the accident.

Islam Zakaria confirmed that Amr Adeeb is in good health, commenting: “I was at the scene of the accident for now, and the officer confirmed that Amr Adib is Salim, thank God.”

The media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, arrived at Dar Al-Fouad Hospital to check on her husband, accompanied by a number of “mbc” channel workers, including them. Mohammed Abdul Mutaal, head of the channel.

She was also accompanied by the journalist Tariq Yunis, editor-in-chief of the program, the journalist Tareq Sabry, the program’s editor-in-chief, and Sherif Amr. And a number of workers in the program.

Amr Adib’s health condition

Later, local media announced that Amr Adeeb left the hospital on Wednesday morning after receiving first aid. And check on his health.

The treating physician, Neurologist Imad Al-Akoh, said in statements to the local newspaper, Al-Youm Al-Sabea. He was surprised by the arrival of the journalist Amr Adib, following a traffic accident.

He explained that Amr Adib was presented to the emergency room, and a medical examination took place with two doctors, in addition to a doctor. Orthopedic and general surgeon.

The neurologist indicated that first aid was given to the journalist Amr Adib, and his condition was completely stable. And there are no reasons why he should stay in the hospital.

The doctor explained that Amr Adeeb was given some painkillers to ease the pain of the bruises that he suffered as a result of the accident. From the explosion of his car’s air shutters.

Urgent statement from mbc

The management of the “MBC Egypt” satellite revealed the latest health developments of Amr Adib in a statement published by the “Al-Masry Al-Youm” website.

The statement stated that Amr Adeeb is in good health and is currently at his home after undergoing comprehensive medical examinations at Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

The channel confirmed that “Amr Adeeb is in good health and morale, and he appreciates the great interest that accompanied this incident. He thanks everyone who cared, followed, participated and communicated with him or his family or the work team in the channel.

The satellite channel did not reveal in its statement that Amr Adib will appear on its screen tonight, as Adeeb is presented on the satellite screen. Saudi Arabia, “The Story” program, daily from Friday to Monday at ten in the evening.

Range Rover

It is worth noting that Amr Adeeb was traveling in his Range Rover Vogue when he was exposed to this accident, and it is available in this car. Many different safety devices such as blind spot monitoring system and perimeter monitoring system.

The car also contains an accident alarm, lane departure warning, and street surveillance radar. And air bags throughout the car, as well as electronic emergency braking.

Experts suggested that the cause of the accident despite the multiplicity of safety measures is due to the failure to fasten the seat belt or not to activate some. Safety means in the car.

The Range Rover vogue is powered by a 3.0-liter turbo-6, a 6-cylinder engine that generates 380 horsepower and maximum torque. It is 450 Nm, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 209 km / h, electronically limited, with a tank capacity. The fuel is 104 liters.

Amr Adib’s absence

Amr Adib’s absence last month from presenting the Friday episode of his program “Al Hekaya” caused an uproar among his followers.

The official page of the program noted at the time that the episode of Tarot expert Basant Youssef would be repeated.

She said that the replay of the episode is at the request of the audience, and Basant talks about the expectations of the new year 2021.

At that time, many rumors and rumors circulated about Amr Adib’s failure to appear, and some said that he had contracted the “Corona” virus, which prevented him from appearing live. And some of them guessed that he was going through special emergency circumstances.

A special episode from Dubai!

Later, a responsible source in the “Al-Hekaya” program decided the reason for not leaving the Friday episode, and the secret of Amr Adib’s absence.

The source said, according to what was reported by local media, that Amr Adeeb was in Dubai at the time. A special episode of Dubai will be broadcast live the following day.

The source also indicated that the reason for broadcasting an expert Tarot episode is the high demand for it and its demand from viewers.

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