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Tunisian activist Dora Mohamed El-Sayed revealed the main reason behind A Tunisian man paid to set himself on fire two days ago, in one of the most famous streets of the Tunisian capital, noting that the reason was to prevent him from traveling to France, where he studies and works, after visiting his relatives in Tunisia.

The activist Al-Sayed said in a series of tweets through her account on “Twitter”, that the young man was prevented from traveling based on the S17 law, which dates back to the era of the late President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and according to which security forces at the airport can prevent anyone from traveling based on allegations and suspicions. security, without judicial authorization.

She pointed out that for a week, the young man had been visiting all security departments and police stations, and had not received any positive response or solution, nor had he been charged or a court ruling in accordance with the “unjust” Law S17, as she describes it.

She pointed out that Law S17 was opposed by Parliament, especially members of the Karama Party coalition, and because of it an argument took place at the airport, and the deputies are currently being pursued based on it, and the airport case is known, after a woman was prevented from traveling last year, and the MPs intervened and protested at the airport to stop this law and allow her to leave.

Tunisian youth set himself on fire

On Saturday, a Tunisian young man set himself on fire on the main street of the capital (Habib Bourguiba), near the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, and a few meters from security patrols surrounding the place.

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Eyewitnesses told the media that the young man set his body on fire, before security agents and citizens intervened to extinguish him, then he was quickly transferred to the severe burns hospital in the Ben Arous governorate (south of the capital).

For his part, a source at the Ben Arous Hospital (special in work accidents and fires), said that “the injured person suffered third-degree burns, and his condition is serious, and he will be given appropriate medical care.”

According to videos and photos posted by activists on Facebook, the man caused a state of panic and chaos by setting his body on fire, then falling and standing again, accompanied by attempts by security men to extinguish him with the help of passers-by, without the Ministry of Interior or Health immediately revealing his identity or the reasons for his action. for what he did.

For its part, Agence France-Presse quoted the Civil Protection Office and witnesses as saying that a 35-year-old man “burned himself in Habib Bourguiba Street, suffering third-degree burns, and was urgently transferred to the Injury and Burns Center.”

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Civil Protection spokesman Moez Teraa said that the victim suffered “burns all over his body”, without giving further details about his health condition or his motives.

He poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire

The French news agency quoted an eyewitness as saying that the man arrived at Habib Bourguiba Street, accompanied by a younger man.

He added that they tried to attract the attention of journalists who were on the scene to cover a protest stand, before the man poured an inflammable substance on his body and then set a lighter on fire.

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