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Mystery still surrounds the circumstances and reasons for the Egyptian artist Amal Maher’s retirement two days ago without clarification, except that they are circumstances beyond her will, as she put it.

I support Amal Maher

While accusing fingers are pointed at the head of the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, most Egyptian newspapers did not mention the news of Maher’s retirement in the first place.

This prompted the artist’s audience to launch the hashtag (I support Amal Maher) on social media, during which they expressed their country’s anger with its media apparatus for their silence towards what the artist is being subjected to from Turki Al-Sheikh’s fight against her, according to their belief.

The Egyptian actor Ali Mansour wrote on his documented page via (Facebook): (I tell you the story as the first: Turki Al-Sheikh loved Amal Maher and he was chasing her and offering her cooperation, luxury gifts and parties in all the Arab world, and he used to write songs for her and buy her the most famous songs from poets and all Prime Time Zone were thinking Amr Diab sings to Pisces because of Dina El-Sherbiny. In fact, this was a Turkish request to dedicate the song to Amal, because she is a Pisces).

black revenge

Mansour continued: (Amr Diab took a million dollars and four cars in it, and in the end Amal acquiesced and agreed to marry him and gave her a private plane at her disposal).

Mansour pointed out that Amal Maher discovered the other side of leaving the Sheikh family after marriage, and said: (He imprisoned her, prevented her from singing and from mixing with the artistic community, and prevented her even from commenting on the pages of her colleagues, and she suffered from bad treatment, monitoring, suspicion and blind jealousy).

And he continued: (She asked for a divorce, and of course, Turkish, considered it a great insult, and he left her home in Maadi and beat her and inflicted severe injuries on her.

Mansour confirmed that this moment was the defining moment in Amal Maher’s career, and the process of black revenge began, as he put it, and wrote: (Close her brother’s pharmacy with malicious statements, prevented her from appearing at parties and programs, all composers and poets were cooperating with her and stopped the release of her last album after she announced it, deleted Her official YouTube channel and delete all her songs from social media.

Mansour recounted what happened with Amal Maher after she recently announced her engagement to a businessman, and said: (Amal recently got engaged to a businessman and completed two months and announced the annulment of the engagement. Today, she wrote on Twitter her decision to retire from art and that it is God’s will! Shawwal rice is trying to destroy her while she is in her country and no one is standing next to her Not even the union is operating from Benha, but Amal Maher has a large audience from the ocean to the Gulf, and may God not be satisfied with this injustice and slander).

Amal Maher’s fans did not abandon her

And in the comments in support of Amal Maher, it was stated: (Our Lord is witness to our life, we have not heard about you, nor have we seen a bad need from you, O daughter of my country, O authentic and humming in Shawwal of rice).

Moamen Mohie responded to the previous comment, saying: (All of this is because years ago I refused to marry the customary Shawwal. She refused to live in the dark or be a slave of a foolish Shawwal).

Another attacked Egypt, saying: (The pride has died in you, my country, when an Arab, like Turki Al-Sheikh, comes to Egypt and rules, controls and oppresses an artist or an Egyptian citizen. The least it can be said about her is that she is respected in the middle of her heart, where there is respect. There is no law, and I do not know how easy it is. or your daughter).

And the publication of the last satirical cartoon from Turki Al-Sheikh, attached to it with a comment: (I do not know, by God, Egypt was living, how did you live, to the extent that you stick to you so much in this mother country).

Another suggested submitting a report to the Public Prosecutor on the matter, and wrote: (We are supposed to report to the Public Prosecutor what right Turki al-Sheikh is doing in this respect for an authentic Egyptian artist Turki al-Sheikh, his hand extended to a state, we must all stand against the Sheikh’s corruption).

Another mocked, saying: (He was known to bounce around all of Egypt, his return to Al-Ahly and Al-Khatib).

And an activist in the name of Hossam Al-Muniri agreed with him, who wrote: (As he entered sports and expelled him, we are able to accept him from art, we expel him, come on, Egyptians).

(Go away, Turki Al-Sheikh)

Sarah Waguih wondered about the role of the Musicians Syndicate, and wrote: (He is the captain of musicians Hani Shaker, where is the one who happens to Amal Maher, and no, we can’t talk to anyone other than Ali Hamo Beka? Turki Al-Sheikh is leaving).

Another supported her in his opinion, saying: (Where are the unions and the officials who are affected by money? How can the state protect it and give it its rights for a long-life risk!

And he sent another message to Sisi, in which he said: (I ask the President of the Republic to intervene to protect the nation’s capabilities from this boy’s tampering with his job and the Saudi-Egyptian relations to protect art and sports as well as artists from his oppression).

Amal Maher’s retirement

Amal Maher had announced, through a series of tweets, on her official account on Twitter, her retirement, and wrote: (My dear audience, who has supported me for years and years and has been my constant companion, due to circumstances that are special to me and beyond my control… I announce my complete departure from the artistic community and artistic activity, Wishing all my fans all the best and happiness in this life, and wishing all the best to all my colleagues. And whether I return or not?).

Regarding the possibility of her returning or not, Amal Maher said: (This is a question that only the world of the unseen knows the answer to. All I can think of at the moment is my leaving only. As for the release of my album, which I had announced, it is postponed indefinitely. I was very excited to present it. You and I worked hard, more than ever, but it is the will of God).

Amal Maher concluded by sending a message to her fans and everyone who supported her, and said: (Thank you to everyone who supported me in my artistic journey and in my life, thank you to all the Arab audience from the ocean to the Gulf. I enjoyed you a lot over the years and years and you were the best audience.. and thank God Almighty Almighty first, last and always).

Sherihan’s return

The audience warned the performing artist, Sherihan, of the fate of Amal Maher, after Turki Al-Sheikh announced her return, and posted in a tweet through his official account on (Twitter) a video of the promo of the work through which Sherihan will return.

Al-Sheikh commented on the video, saying: (Wait for the great star Sherihan to return to the spotlight after an absence of years, in a distinguished work on the Shahid platform, Sherihan’s return).

Sherihan republished Turki Al-Sheikh’s tweet, commenting: (Hard work, I hope it will be admired by the MBC audience around the world and my beloved audience. Congratulations).

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