An American channel uses the fragmented “Deal of the Century” map for Palestine during the Tokyo Olympics | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The American CNBC channel group used a fragmented map of Palestine, which appeared on its screen the moment the Palestinian delegation participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo entered.

The map, according to what was monitored by Watan, angered the Palestinians, who saw that the map that appeared did not represent Palestine, nor did it express historical facts.

The Palestinians deplored the channel’s intention to put a graphic of the aforementioned map on its screen during the entry of the Palestinian delegation.

Palestinian activists promised to show the map in this way in recognition of the legitimacy of the occupation, wondering about the official role of the Palestinian unions and diplomatic representation in the United States, and the reason that prompted the channel to do so.

It seemed to some that it was lifted during the entry of the Palestinian delegation at the opening of the Olympic Games.

However, the verification of the circulated image, according to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, it was found that it was not included in the Olympic activities that began, and that it was only included on the American channel screen.

Al-Habd Electronic Army

In this context, the Al-Habd Electronic Army, a youth gathering that opposes the occupation electronically, announced its intention to go to the page of the Japanese Foreign Ministry to express its refusal to put the map of Palestine in this way, which it described as “provocative.”

This came, before he published a clarification about the image, stating, “Very important.. After checking the image of the map of Palestine in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, it turned out that the image was not from the Olympic organizers, but rather an image provided by the American channel CNBC supported by the Zionist Yemen.”

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He attached the real picture and commented, “In this picture, the participating Palestinian delegation appears without this map through the organizers’ coverage of the Olympics.”

The “Eye of Palestine” website published the controversial photo on its Twitter page, commenting on it: “The map of Palestine as shown by CNBC during the opening of the Olympics in Tokyo.”

The site also referred to the American channel’s Twitter page.

The videos published by Arab and international sports channels did not show any indication of the map that appeared on the American channel screen, which raised questions about the purpose of publishing it in this way.

Palestinian Post

Palestinians wished success and victory for the participating delegation, demanding the necessary support and encouragement for them, in order to raise the name of Palestine high.

The Palestinian flag was carried during the opening by the 19-year-old weightlifter Muhammad Hamada, the weightlifting champion participating in the delegation, with players wearing Palestinian dresses, while all members of the team wore a keffiyeh.

Five Palestinian athletes will participate in the Olympic Games to be held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, which started on Friday and will continue until August 8.

The Palestinian team’s mission consists of 11 Prime Time Zone, including coaches, the head of the mission, and 5 players who will participate in 4 games: swimming, athletics, judo and weightlifting.

It is scheduled to compete with the player Yazan Al-Bawab, who resides in Canada, and Dania Nour in swimming, while the player Wissam Abu Armeleh, who weighs 73 kilograms, will represent Palestine in the judo games, in addition to weightlifter Muhammad Hamada, and runner Hana Barakat, who resides in the United States in Athletics, which specializes in the 200 and 400 metres.

This is the seventh time in the history that a Palestinian delegation participates in the Olympics, after it had participated in the last time in 1996.

A probe reveals the truth

In a related context, the “Mesbar” website, to verify false news, said that the image circulated is a modified image of the map of Palestine according to the vision of the American Deal of the Century, and is not the well-known map of the State of Palestine.

“Mesbar” indicated that he checked the video clip and the circulated pictures and confirmed that the organizers of the opening of the Olympics in Tokyo had nothing to do with the map and its appearance.

He added, “It is not a banner on the field, but a digital montage and modification that appeared during the coverage of the celebration at the time the Palestinian team entered the screen of the American CNBC channel group.”

He continued, “While the broadcast of other channels that have the right to cover the opening, the partial map did not appear.”

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