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An American report revealed new details about the health status of former Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is detained in a secret location after he was ousted from his position in a soft coup carried out by Mohammed bin Salman with the support of his father, the king.

The report, published by the American “NBC News” network, alleged that Muhammad bin Nayef was subjected to torture and physical abuse during his detention, to the extent that he became unable to walk without assistance.

Mohammed bin Nayef

Noting at the same time that there is pressure on the administration of US President “Joe Biden” to intervene to help him.

And this information, the network said, was quoted by two “informed” sources.

While one of the sources revealed that “Bin Nayef” is being held in a government compound near Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh, where the official headquarters of the Saudi Royal Court is.

In the same context, two Prime Time Zone familiar with the situation of the Saudi prince, who requested anonymity to avoid the repercussions of this on “Bin Nayef”, said that he “lost more than 23 kilograms and can no longer walk without assistance.”

The two sources also added that “Bin Nayef sustained serious injuries to his feet as a result of the beating, and he was prevented from obtaining pain relievers.”

One of the sources said that “Bin Nayef” is forbidden to go out and is not allowed to meet with anyone, including his personal doctor or his legal representatives, according to what was reported by the American “Al-Hurra” network.

NBC News reported that “it is unclear whether the Biden administration intervened behind the scenes, but the conditions of bin Nayef’s arrest have improved recently, and family members were allowed to see him.”

The network said that the Saudi authorities did not comment on the case, but a spokesman for the Saudi embassy confirmed receiving the content of the report published by the network.

Weight loss and difficulty walking

It is noteworthy that bin Nayef, who was relieved of his duties as crown prince to be replaced by his cousin, Prince “Mohammed bin Salman” in 2017, has not been seen in public since reports of his arrest appeared in March last year, according to a report prepared by “AFP”.

Bin Nayef was seen as the most trusted Saudi ally of the CIA.

He served as the kingdom’s interior minister as of 2012, before becoming crown prince 3 years later.

The current Crown Prince, Muhammad, son of the King of Saudi Arabia, “Salman bin Abdulaziz”, has carried out a wide campaign against his opponents, and succeeded in removing many of his rivals from the helm of the decision.

Prince “Mohammed bin Nayef” suddenly departed from the line of succession to rule in 2017, after the Saudi monarch appointed his son as crown prince.

Informed sources say that after the arrest of “Bin Nayef,” the government pursued him on accusations of corruption and disloyalty, according to “AFP.”

And last March, the newspaper “The Times” confirmed that the former Saudi crown prince was tortured when he was in his prison in the middle of the Saudi desert, which made him only walk with a stick.

And the British newspaper reported that US President Joe Biden is facing pressure to pay to save Bin Nayef, who lives under the eyes of the authorities, especially as he is a major ally of the United States, and is going through difficult circumstances.

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