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Bahraini human rights activists and accounts on social media reported the death of political prisoner Hussein Barakat, today, Wednesday, after his health deteriorated due to deliberate medical negligence after he was infected with the Corona virus.

Jurists held the Bahraini regime responsible for the death of Hussein Barakat, noting that the regime deliberately neglected his condition and intransigence in his treatment, which led to his death due to the complications of Corona.

In addition, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society published on its Twitter account an audio recording revealing that the regime deliberately caused the death of the martyr Hussein Barakat.

A Bahraini prisoner reveals the details of what is happening in prisons and the death of Hussein Barakat

The prisoner, Ali Omran, speaks in an audio message from inside the prison, explaining the path of premeditation and neglect, and calls out: “Your sons will come out of prison as coffins, as the two martyrs, Malallah and Barakat.”

It is noteworthy that Hussein Barakat was serving a life sentence issued against him in 2018, along with 53 others, in a mass trial that included 138 Prime Time Zone accused by the authorities of joining a terrorist cell.

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The British-based Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy said Barakat, 48, was a political prisoner held in Jau prison.

Bahrain has come under pressure from human rights organizations regarding prison conditions, including overcrowding, lack of public health procedures and lack of medical care.

Since the outbreak of the disease in the main Jao prison in Bahrain in March, the families of the prisoners have organized small protests calling for the release of their loved ones and better living conditions.

And there was a violent confrontation between the guards and the prisoners last April when the inmates protested against their conditions.

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy stated that Hussain Barakat was also stripped of his citizenship, but that it was subsequently returned to him by royal decree.

In light of the Corona pandemic, Bahrain released some prisoners it considered to be at risk, such as pregnant women.

Daily COVID-19 cases rose to a record high in mid-May, reaching more than 3,000.

After it remained at a level below two hundred until the end of last year.

On Tuesday, Bahrain said it had recorded 1,279 new infections and 18 deaths.

The government of Bahrain, which denies the practice of torture in prisons, has also said that it has offered vaccinations to all prisoners and that it has taken appropriate measures to address the outbreaks.

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