Monday, April 12, 2021

An Egyptian actress makes a fuss and exposes the producers … they look at my body and this is what they ask for work! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian actress, Dina Hussein, known as “Dina Al-Masry,” has sparked widespread controversy with what she revealed about the scenes in the artistic community, and what is required of her by some producers in exchange for producing her work.

They only look at my body and my shape

Dina Hussein published a video clip on her personal Facebook page, in which she said: “I don’t know if my voice is ugly, or is there a flaw in me or something wrong?” I don “t think so”.

“Whenever I go to a production company, the producer tells me that I have a beautiful voice and that he will start working with me,” she added. Then he looks to another place far from my talent, looks at my appearance, or my body, or asks to marry me customarily.

Dina asked a deplored question: “Should I do something wrong and make concessions? I am too tired to reach what I reached. ”

I am liberated with limits!

And Dina continued, “I am not saying that I do not stand up from the prayer rug. I stay up late and have more male friends than girls, and I wear short and open clothes. But I don’t want to do wrong things. ”

Dina talked about her journey in the artistic community, saying: “I worked in the street, studied, and worked in the opera, and I did everything that qualifies me as an artist for success.

And she went on: “Our reputation is not bad out of thin air, and it is not a condition of singing only. What kind of art has a point, and if art is going in this way, that I have to go with the product, I prefer to leave it with my dignity.”

I will retire in this case

Dina concluded her speech by saying: “If my voice was ugly, tell me to sit at home and not work again, I am really tired and I do not know what to do.”

It is worth noting that Dina was born in Alexandria in 1992. That is, she is 29 years old, and the nickname is Dina Al-Masry, and her name is “Dalilah” on Instagram.

She revealed the social status section on her personal account on “Facebook”, that she was not linked to an engagement or marriage.

In 2018, she presented a song called “Jarrah Zay Alef” Its lyrics were written by Abdel Moneim Taha, composed by Essam Ismail, distributed by Muhammad Shafiq.

Dina Al-Masry participated to her audience a while ago, a clip of the song “Ya Urgently Faragi” by the great artist Mohamed Tharwat, and published it via “Instagram”. At the time, the song’s composer, Muhammad Rahim, and the lyrics writer, Tamer Hussein, expressed their admiration for her voice.

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