An Egyptian officer flees from Italy to Cairo after he sexually harassed a girl! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


European reports revealed the details of the escape of an Egyptian armed forces officer, who was part of a military delegation in Italy, after he was accused of harassment to his country.

Egypt remains silent

The Italian “Nova” agency said that Egypt remained silent about reports of the escape of an Egyptian armed forces officer. He was among the delegation that should receive a frigate that Italy had sold to Egypt. Accused of sexual harassment in Italy. And his return to his country.

“What happened in the Italian region of La Spezia,” Nicolas Frattoyani, the national secretary of the Italian Left, was quoted by the agency. In the past days, it needs to be clarified carefully.

Frattoyani said that a girl was sexually harassed in the city of Liguria at the end of last month.

Italian investigations

He indicated that investigations had begun to find the possible official, who is an “Egyptian military” who was part of the delegation. He should receive a frigate that Italy sold to Egypt.

Frattoyani indicated that investigators were reassured of the military’s commitment to remain at the disposal of the authorities.

He pointed out that the Italian gendarmes came last Friday to the hotel where the Egyptian military are located. To notify them of his detention under house arrest.

He added, “But they discovered that Al-Askari had disappeared and returned to Egypt.”

And Frattoyiani added, that the local newspapers also reported that this case was followed by the Italian intelligence service with great interest before. Describing the story very baffling.

Giulio Regeni

“What is more, is to think about what happened so far with Cairo regarding the investigation into the murder of Giulio Regeni,” the Italian MP said. Or what happens to the young Patrick Zaki for his sake, who was thrown into the regime’s cell for a whole year while he is innocent.

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And he continued: “We in Italy let ourselves be deceived by the military of this regime in this way? Many will have to explain what happened. What are the mistakes and underestimations that have been made, and who is responsible for this episode in the hours? The next few ”.

“I will pose a parliamentary question to the government in which we will ask the ministers Lamorgues, Cartabia and Gerini to clarify what really happened and what they intend to do now,” Frattoyiani concluded.

Tense relationships

Relations between Egypt and Italy accept a fraught period, as the last hours were filled with a number of developments in the crisis files between the two countries.

This came with setting a session on the 29th of this month to hear three new witnesses in the case of Giulio Regeni’s murder. And the approval of the Italian Senate by a large majority, yesterday, on a proposal to grant the Egyptian student Patrick George. Italian citizenship to save him from continuous detention in Tora prison 14 months ago.

The incident also surfaced of the harassment of an Egyptian officer – who traveled to Italy to receive the frigate Berenice. From a frame – with an Italian girl, and some politicians questioned the circumstances of his disappearance or his smuggling.

Italian frigate

Yesterday, the Egyptian military spokesman announced that the port of Alexandria would receive the second frigate that Egypt buys from Rome within one year. With a total value of one billion and 100 million dollars, in an explicit message from both sides. To confirm that the military relations between them would proceed without being affected by the negatives.

Egyptian diplomatic sources familiar with contacts with Italy said that the harassment accusation would be contained quickly.

She explained that it appeared in the media with the intention of influencing the decision-maker in Rome, by the left-wing circles and forces opposed to developing relations with Cairo.

The sources added, according to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that the eyes are currently focused on the upcoming hearing in the Regeni case. Which was officially reported to the Egyptian Embassy in Rome.

According to the sources, it may lead to an expansion of the indictment list, which currently includes four Egyptian police officers. It may also begin immediately after the trial in absentia for them.

Contrasting narrative

The sources revealed that Egypt is currently looking into legal opportunities to present a new file for the prosecution and the case-triggering judge, in which it adopts a narrative. Contrasting with the facts that the Italian investigations establish. The conspiracy is adopted, and Regeni is kidnapped and murdered. At the hands of a group of local opponents of the Egyptian regime, or those affiliated with foreign parties. In conjunction with the visit of a large Italian delegation to Cairo and the meeting of Italian Minister of Industry Federica Guidi with President of the Republic Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

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