An Egyptian writer advises Rashid Ghannouchi to take this decision: “It will confuse the coup d’etats and disrupt their movements.” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The well-known Egyptian writer advised Jamal Sultan, Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi and members of Parliament who suspended Qais Saeed from his work, by taking an urgent decision allowed by the constitution that will confuse the two coups, according to his description.

Gamal Sultan said in a tweet through his official Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan): “Qais Saeed’s coup calls for a bold and urgent parliamentary decision to delegitimize him and remove him from the presidency, accusing him of betraying democracy and the basic order of the state and perjury of the constitution.”

He added, “In the Tunisian constitution, what gives this step its legitimacy, stressing that this decision will confuse the coup d’etat and disrupt their movements.”

Rashid Ghannouchi

Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi accused President Kais Saied of “overturning the revolution and the constitution”, after he announced yesterday, Sunday, the freezing of parliament and the dismissal of the government.

“We consider the institutions still standing, and the supporters of Ennahda and the Tunisian Prime Time Zone will defend the revolution,” Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda party, said in a call with Reuters.

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On Sunday evening, Saeed had issued a decision to relieve Prime Minister Hisham Al-Meshishi from his post.

He also decided, during an emergency meeting of the military and security leaders, to “freeze the parliament’s work and lift the immunity of the deputies,” noting that this decision should have been taken months ago.

The Tunisian president added that he also decided to take over the executive power with the help of a new prime minister appointed by him.

The Tunisian president’s decisions come against the backdrop of violent protests that took place in many cities.

Saeed justified his “exciting” decisions by what he said was “the responsibility to save Tunisia,” stressing that the country “is going through the most dangerous moments, in light of the tampering with the state and its capabilities,” as he put it.

“Constitutional legitimacy”

He also continued: “You will undoubtedly notice that public facilities are falling apart, there are looting and war operations, and there are those who are preparing to pay money in some neighborhoods for the internal fighting.”

And he considered that “the Tunisian Prime Time Zone today continue their revolution under the shadow of legitimacy, and we will work to apply the law to everyone. No one is preferred over anyone with his status or wealth.”

The Tunisian president stressed that this “is not a suspension of the constitution, and it is not a departure from constitutional legitimacy. We are working within the framework of the law.”

However, he added: “But if the law turns into a tool for settling accounts and a tool for empowering thieves who looted state funds and the money of the impoverished Prime Time Zone, then they are not laws that express the will of the Prime Time Zone, but rather tools to rob the will of the Prime Time Zone.”

Mohamed bin Zayed and Qais Saeed call

The Palestinian writer commented Mahdawi’s system The coup led by Kais Saied in Tunisia, linking the decision taken by the Tunisian president and the call he made with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed 4 days ago.

Mahdawi said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, only four days separated between Qais Saeed’s call with (the devil of the Arabs) Mohammed bin Zayed and the first coup against the government, parliament, the prosecution and the Prime Time Zone who chose him.

Mahdawi added, “This devil would not have calmed down, and Tunisia escaped from it with its nascent revolution and democracy.”

Mohamed bin Zayed had discussed with Tunisian President Kais Saied a few days ago the relations between the two countries and ways to support and develop them in various fields. According to the UAE news website Al Ain

Mohamed bin Zayed and the Tunisian President discussed relations and ways to support them in various fields that serve the mutual interests of the two countries and brotherly peoples.

In addition to the developments of the “Corona” pandemic and its latest developments at various humanitarian, health and social levels, and the importance of cooperation and coordination between the countries of the world to address it and contain its effects.

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Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan wished health and safety to the brotherly Tunisian Prime Time Zone.

He expressed his wishes for the Tunisian Prime Time Zone to achieve their aspirations for construction and development.

criminal gangs

Earlier on Sunday, the Ennahda movement accused “criminal gangs supported from outside and inside the country” of attacking its headquarters.

She stressed that “these attacks will only increase her adherence to the democratic path, the values ​​of the republic, national partnership and social justice, and that these terrorist acts will not discourage her from serving Tunisians and siding with their interests.”

In a statement, she stressed that the goal of “these criminal gangs” is to “spread manifestations of chaos and sabotage, to serve the agendas of overthrowing the democratic path, and paving the way for the return of oppression and tyranny, and the rabid media campaign of some foreign and local media sites inciting violence is nothing but conclusive evidence on it.”

Al-Nahda, which has the largest parliamentary bloc (53 deputies out of 217), added: “Today, anarchist groups, dismayed by the failure to convince public opinion of their populist and undemocratic options, attacked some of the movement’s headquarters in the country, intimidated those inside it, and threatened them with their lives.”

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