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The fire incident of Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar caused an uproar in the Iraqi street, which prompted the Iraqis to launch a wide electronic campaign to demand the dismissal of the governor of Nasiriyah, Ahmed Al-Khafaji, after the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced the death toll.

And the Ministry of Health announced the death of 39 Prime Time Zone it said were known, in addition to 21 unidentified Prime Time Zone.

In more details, the Iraqi Ministry of Health said, “After completing the procedures of civil defense and forensic medicine in the governorate, the total number of martyrs of the Imam Hussein Hospital incident, peace be upon him, reached 39, with known identity, and 21 unidentified.”

She added, “Necessary measures are being taken to determine the identities of the unidentified bodies, and this will be announced once the necessary forensic medical procedures are completed.”

The dismissal of the governor of Nasiriyah

Iraqi activists launched an electronic campaign on social media platforms that marked the dismissal of the governor of Nasiriyah, our demand, and held the authorities there fully responsible for the Al-Hussein Hospital incident.

Activists circulated a video clip of the governor of Nasiriyah, Ahmed Al-Khafaji, acknowledging the establishment of the centers with poor specifications and without any health conditions.

Al-Khafaji said, according to the video monitored by Watan: “I, as the governor, directed the Civil Defense to conduct an inspection of all hospitals and health institutions, and the Civil Defense Department is working to rehabilitate the fire alarm units.”

In this context, Sayed Al-Mayali said: “Today, there is a committee of investigation into the hospital accident, to which the contracts were moved, passing through the first floor, adding the second, adding the fifth, adding.”

He added: “We are going down to the fourth, but rather an elevator, a political party that prevented them from fabricating the third floor.

Another commented: “Corruption is innumerable in the ministries of health affiliated with Muqtada’s movement. The citizen is begging for mercy from the executioners in the shadow of corruption.”

Ali Youssef said: “Our oppressed Prime Time Zone are in need of reform in all state institutions, which the corruption of those who oppose political action have destroyed.”

Another added: “And here is the (Architecture) governorate, which contains the majority of the Sadrists at the forefront of the urban governorates, despite the obstruction of its reconstruction by the rest of the corrupting parties.”

Abu Ali Al-Gharbawi said: “The size of the great conspiracy prepared by the kitchens of the West in advance and its malicious tools over the centuries and its religious, ideological, political and economic wars.”

He added: “Think, think, and rule the mind away from partisan emotions.”

Sadrist Movement

In a related context, a close friend of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, demanded the dismissal of Governor Ahmed al-Khafaji, after the fire tragedy of the Corona Infection Center yesterday.

Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi said, “As a first step, it is necessary to work to dismiss the governor of Nasiriyah immediately, especially after the dismissal of the director of Nasiriyah health.”

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He added: “Then work to restore the state’s prestige, security and stability in Nasiriyah, and then work to implement strict regulations inside government hospitals in all governorates.”

Al Hussein Hospital

More than 50 Iraqis were killed, and about 22 others were injured in a fire that broke out in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Dhi Qar Governorate, which ignited a wave of widespread anger against the Iraqi government that prompted the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to detain both the director of health in Dhi Qar governorate and the director of the hospital. , and the director of civil defense in the province and subject them to investigation.

This came during the emergency meeting held by Al-Kazemi, late in the morning of Tuesday, “to find out the causes” of the fire, and it included a number of ministers, officials and security leaders, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s media office.

Al-Kazemi declared official mourning for the victims of the accident.

The fire broke out in the Al-Naqa Center at the Imam Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients in the city of Nasiriyah, southern Iraq, on Monday evening.

A medical source at the Health Directorate told AFP that “the main cause of the fire…was the explosion of oxygen tanks.”

Al-Hussein Hospital fire ignites a wave of anger

Demonstrations of anger erupted in Iraq, led by the families of the victims of the Al-Hussein Hospital fire in Dhi Qar Governorate, on Monday night, Tuesday.

The demonstrations came in protest against the incident, which caused the death of at least 51 Prime Time Zone and dozens of injuries, while the Iraqi government announced a meeting to discuss the circumstances of the incident.

The demonstrators chanted slogans denouncing the political parties, and held them responsible for the situation in the province.

And the Dhi Qar Health Directorate had announced the death of “more than 41 Prime Time Zone and the injury of dozens in the fire incident of Imam Hussein Teaching Hospital for the treatment of patients with the Corona virus.”

This came, according to what was reported by the Iraqi News Agency, “conscious”, of the directorate’s spokesman, Ammar Al-Zamili, pointing out that “the fire at Al-Hussein Hospital was caused by the lack of proper handling of the oxygen bottles.”

And the Security Media Cell had quoted the Ministry of Interior as saying that the fire “broke out inside 20 caravans made of sandwich panels, dedicated to isolating Prime Time Zone infected with the Corona virus at Al Hussein Teaching Hospital in Dhi Qar Governorate.”

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